Jun 16, 2013

Cheapest Solar Panels Online

Solar panels are a good alternative source of electricity and can save you significant amounts of money. The only problem comes with the cost of buying and installing them. The cheapest solar panels are the DIY solar panels which you can easily install all by yourself. These solar panels are actually quite affordable unlike the other types of solar panels which might force you to take a loan to buy and install them. You also don’t have to trouble yourself getting a technician to do it for you since it is quite easy to fix this type of solar panel.

The DIY solar panel kit is made up of a couple of solar cells, 6 Ampere charge controller, 2 – 12V batteries with a charge capacity of 92Ah and an 800 Watt 12V power inverter and a blocking diode. All these roughly cost a total of 45 dollars making one of the cheapest solar panels you will ever come across. Ensure that you get all these components from a trusted dealer to avoid any cases of malfunction. You will also need an extra 55 dollars to buy cables for wiring, hardware for mounting and any other miscellaneous expenses that may arise.

Installation is quite an easy inexpensive step. Start by making two shallow boxes out of wood. It has to be shallow to ensure that the sides don’t bock the solar panels from the sun. Fit two pegboard pieces where each of the two subpanels will be mounted. Solder the panels in series on each of the two sub-panels then connect the two halves in series. This will ensure that you make maximum voltage. Be careful not to break the cells as you solder them because they are very brittle. Preferably use low watt soldering iron.

With this setup complete, it’s time to test it out in the sun. You can opt to use one of the halves to know how much your solar panel produces. An 18 cell solar panel should produce roughly 9 volts. The next thing to do is connect the solar panels to your battery for charging. To prevent discharging of the battery at night or during cloudy conditions by the solar panel, fix a blocking diode at the middle of the wires. Having done this you have made yourself one of the cheapest solar panels. You will actually realize that making the DIY solar panels is quite easy though it needs some amount of labour.

You have the solution to all your power problems. A do it yourself solar panel answers the question on how to get the cheapest solar panels. You should make a point of calling an electrician to check the set up for you before you officially start using it. This system is able to provide power to run your 21 inch television for more than 20 hours, 12W bulbs for almost 80 hours, a desktop computer for 40 hours and a laptop for even longer hours. You can purchase powerful power inverter to handle larger appliances like the vacuum cleaner and microwaves. All these features at a low cost of less than 100 dollars.


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