Jun 16, 2013

How To Make A Solar Panel At Home

Chances are if you are looking for the answer to the question “How to make a solar panel at home” you are either a DIY enthusiast or perhaps someone looking to save some money by cutting their utility bills whilst doing their bit to help the environment.

Homemade solar panels are they a reality?

Building your own homemade solar panels is now a reality, for under a couple of hundred dollars you can assemble your own solar panels with readily available materials and its easier than you may think! You do need to be aware though, that you wont be able to power your whole households power needs on one panel alone, you will need to build several to even get close to this. But if you want to supplement your existing power source at home, create a portable panel or simply make one for a bit of fun then you wont be disappointed.

The main thing you need to do is ensure you get a good guide to follow, one that lays out all the materials and steps you need to take in a clear manner.

How to make a solar panel at home for under $200

The materials you will need to make a solar panel at home will cost you around $200 or less and are readily available from local hardware stores.

You will need some rudimentary tools such as hammer, screwdriver, drill, but you will also need some more specialized tools in particular clamps to help clamp the frames together and a glue gun, whilst not crucial is recommended.

The main items you will need to make a solar panel are :
  • A hotplate
  • Sheet metal shears
  • An Ammeter
  • Distilled water
  • Table salt
  • A Sheet of copper flashing
  • Power Drill
  • Peg Board
  • Ply Wood
  • Jigsaw or Ban saw
  • Soldering Iron
  • Electric Sander or sandpaper
  • A pair of alligator clip leads
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves

Why build your own solar panels?

Most people want to know if building your own solar panels will help you to cut hundreds and in time even thousands of dollars from your utility bills as you start using your solar energy instead of traditional power grid supplied electricity? Well Depending on your usage and the number of panels you make you can indeed slash your power bills, but once again as mentioned before this would take a large number of panels. The amount of usable power you produce will depend entirely on the number of panels you build.

I feel the best way to approach building your own solar panels is to look at it as a fun project, then if you do master the art of building them and are enthusiastic enough you can go on and build more if your serious about replacing your existing power supply.

Another reason to learn how to make a solar panel at home is to help out mother nature by using a clean renewable energy in place of a polluting one.

Lastly, but by no means least, the project is a lot of fun, especially for a DIY enthusiast. Get your kids and family involved and turn the experience of building your own solar panel and educational one. You wont believe the difference in your kids our look on environmental issues and energy conservation after working on a project like this.

IF you think the task may be bit beyond your skills, then you can still assemble your own solar system by purchasing one in a diy solar power kit form, like the one shown below. These panels come in a range of output wattage’s, the larger ones will certainly make a dent in your power bills.

build your own solar panel

So if you are thinking of building you own homemade solar panel, don’t delay, one thing you need to do to ensure success is get one of the aforementioned “How to make a solar panel at home” guides.


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The main thing you need to do is ensure you get a good guide to follow, one that lays out all the materials and steps you need to take in a clear manner. www.energyinstalls.co.uk

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