Nov 8, 2013

Globe Promos - Globe Unlimited Call and Globe Unlimited Text

Here's the list of Globe Call and Text Promo.

Note: Pakitong has NO CONNECTION to Globe Telecom.

Globe Eveybody Text 20

Send 200 text messages Globe-to-Globe and 20 text messages to other networks.

To Register for Globe Everbody Text 20
Send ETXT20 to 8888

*Minimum of PHP 21.00 account balance is required
*Can be loaded by Globe Retailer

Globe Super Unli

Unlimited call and text messages for 5 Days for PHP150.00

To Register for Globe Super Unli
Send SUPER150 to 2824

*Minimum of PHP151.00 account balance required

Globe ImmortalTxt

50 text messages to Globe / Touch Mobile and 10 text messages to other networks

To Register for Globe ImmortalTxt
Send IMMORTAL10 to 8888

Globe Unlitxt

Globe Unlimited Text all day

1 Day Unlimited Text
To Register for Globe Unlitxt20
Send UNLITXT20 to 8888

2 Days Unlimited Text
To Register for Globe Unlitxt40
Send UNLITXT40 to 8888

5 Days Unlimited Text
To Register for Globe Unlitxt40
Send UNLITXT80 to 8888

Globe Sulitxt 15

150 text messages to Globe and Touch Mobile for 1 day

To register:
Send SULITXT15 to 8888

Globe TOTHERS 20

Send 40 text message to other networks for 1 day

To register:
Send TO20 to 8888

Globe Unlitxt Day Time/ Night Time

Send UNLITXTD15 to 8888 (8am-5pm 1 day)
Send UNLITXTD30 to 8888 (8am-5pm 2 days)
Send UNLITXTN10 to 8888 (10am-8pm 1 day)
Send UNLITXTN20 to 8888 (10am-8pm 2 days)

Globe Immortal Call +

Call and text offer with no expiry
For only P15, you get to enjoy 5 call minutes PLUS 50 texts to Globe/TM that will never expire

To register
send Immortal15 to 8888

*Must maintain P5.00 balance

For more information please visit Globe.


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