Nov 3, 2013

Huawei BM622 BlankWAN Infinity 2013

Today a friend of a friend of mine came to my house bringing me three (3) units of Huawei BM622 4G WiMAX wireless modem telling me that he wanted to let me repair his 3 CPE's which is defective. I took one of the modem plug the AC/DC power adapter then turn ON the power button as its finish the system initializing the 3 WiMAX LED indicator still ON obviously the device is already BlankWAN.

To confirm it I plugged the  Cat5 cable to the PC likewise to the modem port, the GUI (graphical user interface) is accessible with default username and password such as user and admin I can navigate all the menu and configure the settings but the WAN MAC is totally Blank.

I immediately removed all 4 screws and open it, get my SMD Aeulos 850C hot air and removed the STMicro M25P32 SPI flash memory I know this is just an easy task just read, erase, check if blank and upload the firmware reprogram/reflashed that's it, then plugged again the Chips done. I was surprised since I have a spare of ten (10) M25P32 SPI Flash memory I have tested it to the BM622 all it appears to be empty at all, it all happen to be BlankWAN the ten Chips on the said defective 4G WiMAX modem.

I also took the other second Huawei BM622 modem and do same process hoping that this is different from the first one, I have come out with the conclusion to be the same including the third BM622 brought by the friend of my friend.

With further experimentation to pinpoint where really the error that cause the STMicro M25P32 to be empty or totally causing to be "BlankWAN Infinity" upon plugging the Chips on the CPE, I have one unit that is fully working and shifted the the two Chips the flash memory S29GL064 and M25P32 to the defective unit the result gives me the same BlankWAN. 

On the other hand, last experiment I did is that I took the S29GL064 from the defective and plugged this Chips to the good working BM622  the result of my test did not give me BlankWAN. Inshort, the thing that causing the "BlankWAN Inifinity" is the SoC (system on chips) its not on the two flash memory e.i. the Spansion S29GL064/STMirco M29W640 and M25P32.

For this solution, I am still collecting some information that will help this BlankWAN Infinity problem to be solve.


Bakit Infinity? :D

may na encounter akong similar trouble..caused by the innocent looking cap just around the WAN IC..

Maybe iba tong sa'yo..

RBT-Techdepot :

I have also encoutered what you have encountered Bro, but this is different. 3unit with same problem Bro lagi na-bablankwan yung WAN_IC. Pinag swap ko na yung Spansion S29GL064 sa good working at yung M25P32 di lang isang bese o dalawang beses more than 10X na M25P32 meaning 10pieces Bro na M25P32 lahat na BlankWAN. If you want to try to repair it its still on my desk di ko pa nahanapan ng solution.

same experience here, 2 unit. 5 extra wan ic na working sa ibang unit pero nong ilagay ko sa 2 tabo, blankwan ang labas.

@modfiles :

So I have already companion here that has the same problem that I call it "BlankWAN Inifinity", I tottally disagree with RBT-Techdepot I know he is a techie person he is wellverse in electronic in fact he made a mass production of USB SPI flasher a clone from eBay. As of now I can pinpoint the error except from the SoC IC infenion.

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