Nov 28, 2013


I have a CECH 2051b with progskeet installed. I followed a tutorial called noobs guide to downgrade from 3.7x. (found here) ... kmeaw-cfw/

My console was running kmeaws 3.55 when it was updated by a child. I had enough soldering skills to get the install done but ran into problems with flashing.

I started by Dumping 4 different nor dumps from my JSD-001 with spansion and then followed the instructions to patch with transplant+ v1 then import to flow rebuilder and flashed finished patch file. It flashed to 100 percent, but with many errors on verification. (Used winskeet4000 on WIN7 ULTIMATE N) Would have used xp but could not get progskeet to recognize in virtual box.

After this flash I waited 30 minutes and the PS never rebooted. I finally pulled plug and reboot back to a black screen only. Green power light when turned on but black screen and no access to FSM. I tried to flash original dump back on it and got same results so I decided it must be the flash side of the progskeet. My wires were long so I decided to de-solder everything, shorten the wires and start over. Now I have re-soldered and tried rebooting and only get three beeps when I press power. If I press the eject button the fan comes on and stays on but still will not power the progskeet.

Has anyone run into this problem or found a way out of it? why would the system stop powering on now completely? Any help would be appreciated.

Couple of install pics.....

Need to be done before patching and trying anything else as follows:

1- make at least 5 dumps of the original NOR image
2- compare the dumps to check if you have a proper reading
3- extract the dump using flowrebuilder to see if it's valid as a first check.
4- check the dump well following the steps and details on PS3DevWiki. ---> Validating the Dump
5- once you are sure you have a 100% valid dump, you must flash it back to PS3 NOR to ensure you also have a stable/reliable writing method/setup ---> Test Report Table

If all this worked fine, you can proceed to patch the NOR dump using the Simplified Downgrade V2 method ( also found on PS3DevWiki with the patches to use ) --> NOR patching
No more need for the "transplante" software in Simplified Downgrade V2, the tutorial you followed seems to be still using the very first method Downgrade V1.

Now your PS3 is not booting because it doesn't have a valid image flashed in the NOR, you mentioned that writing had verification errors so probably your writing method was not stable,
also I would like to mention here that many times the very old version of Progskeet Flasher works much better then the latest winskeet released.

Here's the link to the old Flasher I use for Flashing the NOR image back into PS3 ----> ProgSkeet 110819 Flasher

You can also see the successful results from the table linked here ---> Test Report Table

Also for more help you can join our IRC channel on Efnet called: #ps3downgrade where lot of guys are willing to help you in detail to solve your problem and get the PS3 working fine again, most of the discussions and help about downgrading is going in that channel... (#Ps3downgrade)


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