Feb 27, 2014

How-To : Setup PLDT DSL With Wireless Router

I’ve been planning on getting the house Wi-Fi enabled for the past few months now and have only been able to purchase a wireless router just last weekend. Got tired of seeing too many cables lying around so I got rid of those and went the Wi-Fi way. Plus, I don’t want to add another network cable for my new toy coming next week. I had the entire setup planned months ago but to my surprise it didn’t work like I expected. Searching around Google for instructions and guides turned up nil so here’s a guide to help those that are having the same problems that I had setting up a wireless network.

Note: This how-to is only for those that are on PLDT myDSL’s legacy lines. How would you know if you’re on a legacy line? Legacy lines are those still using PPPoE/PPPoA connection protocols (or in more simple terms, you still need a username/password to get connected).

I have a Linksys WRT54G for a wireless router but this should work for most routers out there as well. If you’re on a legacy line then most likely you’ll have a ZyXEL P-600 series modem/router that was provided by PLDT together with your DSL. Make sure your PC is connected to the ZyXeL modem first then proceed below.
  • Access the web control panel of your ZyXeL modem by typing in the IP address of your modem in a browser. (i.e.
  • Login to the web control panel (default username/password: admin/1234) of the modem and go to the WAN settings.
  • Change the settings to the following and save:
    • Routing mode: Bridge
    • Encapsulation: RFC 1483
    • Multiplex: LLC
  • Disconnect the ZyXeL modem from your PC and connect it to the WAN/Internet port of your wireless router (refer to the manual of your wireless router to locate the Internet/WAN port).
  • Connect your PC to one of the ports in your wireless router. Your setup should look something like this now: DSL -> ZyXeL modem -> Wi-Fi Router -> PC
  • Now you need to access the web control panel of your wireless router the same way you accessed the ZyXeL modem. With mine, the default ip address of the router was and the default username/password is /admin (just leave the username blank).
  • Once you’re in the control panel, set the connection protocol to PPPoE/PPPoA and input the username and password of your DSL account. Your username should be in this format: xxxxx@pldt. Call PLDT if you don’t know your username and password.
  • Now here’s the most important part. Make sure you change the IP address of your wireless router so that it will not be the same with your ZyXeL modem and make sure they’re in the same network. (i.e. your ZyXeL modem’s IP is, change your wireless router’s IP to
  • Save the changes you’ve made.
  • Now go to the Wireless settings of your wireless router and enable it. Provide any necessary information needed like SSID and such. Make sure to turn on the security for your Wi-Fi by using either WPA or WEP to avoid someone hacking into your router.
  • Save the changes and you should be ready to surf wirelessly anywhere as far as the router’s signal can take you. ^^
Some tips for your new wireless router:
  1. Make sure to change the default username/password of your wireless router.
  2. I suggest using WPA or WPA2 for your wireless security as it makes hacking a lot harder than WEP.
  3. Also, try adding a MAC Address filter to prevent unauthorized PCs from connecting to your access point.
  4. Disable SSID broadcasting so that others will not see your wireless router (including you I’m afraid). Since you know your SSID you can easily connect to it anyway.


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