Mar 4, 2014

How-To Protect The MediaTek Firmware Destroyer

Just recently last December 2013 there have been so many releases of  MediaTek 4G WiMAX modem firmware both Huawei BM622m and myBRO DV235T of Green Packet Technology are among has the tutorials given for free by Netizens via forums on how-to tweak this both devices. These two (2) CPEs are the latest 4G WiMAX modem of Globe Telco and Smart/PLDT ISP for their wireless broadband subscribers claimed to be the high speed internet connection.

After the released of the firmwares and the tutorials, now there are so many 4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem are facing the so-called firmware destroyer. Screenshot below attached the Globe Huawei BM622m being remoted and uploaded by a malicious script.

image credit to turbotor

Another 4G WiMAX modem is myBRO DV235T manufactured by Green Packet Technology used by Smart/PLDT, since they used same MediaTek chipset they belong to same vulnerabilities. These two (2) 4G WiMAX CPEs are both insecured, if you are using this wireless home residential gateways make sure this device is fully patched, you must do something to safeguard this modem otherwise this could be a headache for you.

image credit to orl4nd

Of course, there is a solution for this exploit you can manually closed all the unprotected ports for the remoter not being able to get inside to your myBRO likewise the BM622m. Alternatively, changing the default username and password can also help you CPEs tweak by unauthorized person from the outside of your network zone.


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