Feb 28, 2014

How-To Change Admin Password PLDT MyDSL SpeedSurf 504AN

This Tutorial is on How-to change the default PLDT myDSL username Admin Password of  residential gateway model SpeedSurf 504AN wireless modem router.

Because the Philippines Giant Telco uses many different modem router devices for their internet broadband subscriber they have also several default username and password for the different residential gateway. If you try Googling it via any search engine you can find too many results that give the credentials for the username user and admin for PLDT myDSL modem router.

Here's my few step-by-step on how-to change the default username Admin Password of PLDT myDSL SpeedSurf 504AN.

1. Once the PLDT myDSL SpeedSurf 504AN device is power on and all the LEDs light stable, plug the LAN cable to any LAN port of the modem router directly to your PC/ Lappy Network Interface Controller (NIC) card aka LAN Card. Make sure that the LEDs of both modem router and you PC/Lappy is blinking otherwise you can not open the graphical user interface (gui) of the device.

Open any of your favorite web browser and  point it to you will be prompted to a login page. And you will be ask for a username and  password you may use the default credentials below given.

User Name: adminpldt
Password: 1234567890

2. Next is navigate your mouse to the Admin Main Menu,  then click the Password sub-menu, now you can select the Admin and by dropping down the Privilege by choosing one of those given.

This only proves that the default PLDT myDSL username Admin Password can be changed showing the hidden elements.

All PLDT myDSL modem router that has built-in wireless LAN has the same default WiFi password format and it look like this, PLDTWIFI + the last five (5) characters of the device MAC address of the PLDT router modem.


ever since we've been given this pldt modem + wifi my phone (Samsung samsung ace s5830) can no longer connect to the wifi. would it help to connect my old tplink router to this PLDT myDSL modem router? If so would there be things I need to configure? Pls help, I'm desperate. :(

pwede ko ba gamtin router ng globe wimax ang pldt mydsl router?

pwede ko ba gamtin router ng globe wimax ang pldt mydsl router?

pwede gamitin kung as WiFi lang aka wireless access point hindi pede gamitin as router or gateway.

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