Mar 10, 2014

SmartBro Motorola Canopy SM 12.1 update

SmartBro Canopy SM (subscriber module) is own by Motorola until it was acquired by Cambium Networks recent years. The Motorola Canopy fixed wireless internet broadband antenna that operates at 5.7GHz is the first and among the oldest wireless product of Smart/PLDT in the Philippines.

My Canopy antenna been years on top of my Mom roof serve as my backup internet connection that provides me even I am at the last mile in the south most of the country. It is just an aggregate of 2Mbps but gives me a reliable link even as far as two (2) miles from the Base Station.

I have just updated it to the new Canopy 12.1 SM DES Official Build package and the above screen shot is to be shared for  you, my guest blog readers. Its has some features that the old version don't have. The logo also change to the Cambium Networks instead of Motorola Canopy. More update of the web interface soon to be uploaded.


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