Sep 28, 2014

SAIKE 8858 : My Portable SMD BGA Rework Station

The SAIKE 8858 is a Portable SMD/BGA Rework Station, can be as such Hot Air, Blower, Solder, Heat Gun.

  1.  Automatic mode
  2. Microcomputer control automatically, automatic thermostat, standby,warming up rapidly, temperature stability, accuracy is ± 2 ;
  3. Replacing heating core, hot helical structure; adjustable temperature is 100 -480 , it is suitable for general / lead-free soldering;
  4. Replaceable large, medium and small nozzles, strong non-noise blowers, rotary air output; adjustable air pressure is 3mph-10mph 99 class, it can meet different welding requirements;
  5. Intelligent software design, high-temperature alarm, automatic fault detection and alarm, automatic standby overtime;
  6. Highly efficient switching power supply, power supply control system is integration design;
  7. The supply voltage is 220V
  8. Long-life heating batteries, vulnerable parts can be removable and replacement, reduce the cost of users;
  9. Small size, low power, easy to use, easy to operate.

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Power: 100-320W
  • Temperature: 100-480, analyze temperature: 1
  • Air pressure: 3-10mph,, 99 grade
  • Mode: automatically
  • Display: digital tube/3
  • Dimension: 128mm×54mm×32mm
  • Air output: 120L/min (The MAX.)


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