Oct 26, 2014

How-To TP-LINK WR740N Openwrt MultiWAN

Just wanted to share my TP-Link WR740N ver4.27 wireless router flashed with Openwrt firmware "Attitude Adjustment 12.0" loaded with MultiWAN. These are five (5) ADSL trunk that I wanted to do with load balancing likewise as failover. My equipment compose of one (1) TP-Link WR740N wireless router use as the core, one Azetech ADSL modem with four(4) port LAN, one (1)port RJ11 built-in with wireless Access Point were I used as WISP server. Also I have four(4) TP-Link ADSL modem TD-8816 were I used as routed device for eWAN1-4.

As you can see the above network diagram how I wired all the device to make it work properly, I have five(5) xDSL line hooked to each of the TP-Link TD-8816 then to WR740N wireless router four(4) LAN port but converted it as eWAN port via Free Switch of Openwrt plugins. Now my WR740N flashed with OpenWrt firmware will serve as load balancer and failover appliances.

So, here's my setup of TP-Link WR740N flashed with OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09 as Load Balancer and Failover. First what I did is configure the VLAN Switch.

By default after the TP-Link WR740N flashed with OpenWrt firmware this is how it looks like, then proceed to configure the VLAN Switch make at least four VLANs.

After successfully able to configure the VLANs Switch, then proceed to setup for the eWANs.

The above screenshot having five(5) xDSL trunk, four(4) lines are via TP-Link TD-8816, then the other line is via WISP server, my Azetech modem router that has built-in Access Point aka WiFi I made it in Bridge Mode then also serve as PPPoE server. Then configure the TP-Link WR740N WLAN or radio0 as client mode and connect to the WISP server that is why I have able to made it work as five xDSL trunk. Forget to mention that I revert that eth0 by default is for LAN convert it to WAN then likewise the eth1 by default is for WAN convert it to LAN.

The last but not the least, please don't forget the firewall setting because fail to do this things your internet will not work inshort you will not be able to browse any of your favorite website. This part here is a must, you can just follow my screenshot and edit the setting if how many trunks you have with you.

Finally the MultiWAN Openwrt plugins will just turn into green as above sample you, your TP-Link WR740N now doing the job as Load Balancer and Failover, just like those expensive Cisco equipment, D-Link not to mention others... enjoy!


which version of WR740N are you using?

I am using Openwrt Attitude Adjustment 12.0 any TP-Link WR740N will work. I am using the latest version v4.27

I have the same version v4.27. I have 2 cable wan. One is PPPoE connection and another is Static connection. How can configure the router as load balancer and failover. Pls advice me.

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