Oct 13, 2014

TM Riger DB120-WL reflash with TD-W8951ND Stock Firmware

If you are unhappy of your Riger DB120-WL Streamyx residential modem wireless router because of its buggy stock firmware given by TM for you as FREE, now you are not anymore locked by your ISP you will now have the chance to re-flashing your device with the TP-Link TD-W8951ND v5 third party stock firmware that will give you the total freedom.

Before you proceed, take this precaution.
  • This applicable only Riger DB120-WL (Silver) with Firmware Riger v4 installed by default.
  • Before you proceed updating, please connect your PC directly via LAN cable to DB120-WL
  • This may void your warranty (may or may not be, since you didn't open the case)
  • Doing this is at your own risk!
    Step 1. Download Firmware
    Step 2. Extract
    • Open zip file and then open "TD-W8951ND_V5_140226 & TD-W8951ND_V5_140306" folder, extract "TD-W8951_V5_140306" folder (simply click once and drag)

    Step 3. Login
    • Note: Do this only when computer connected via LAN Cable (Hardwired)
    • Username: tmadmin
    • Password: Adm@**** (**** is the last 4 HEX digit of MAC Address, eg: D1E3 => Adm@D1E3, you can find bottom of your DB120-WL)

    Step 4. Click maintenance
    • After successful login, click maintenance and then click Firmware, until you see this page:

    Step 5. Choose firmware
    • Click New Firmware Location: "Browse" button and then locate back where you extract just now, and then open that folder and choose "ras" file.

    Step 6. Proceed!
    • Click "UPGRADE" button! and wait until you see a progress bar!

    Step 7. Update complete
    • Once progress bar reach 100% and it will redirect to new TP-Link login page!
    • Please login using previous username and password (it's look awkward when login using tmadmin under TP-Link page, lol)

    Step 8. Finished!
    • Well done, now you have working DB120-WL with TP-Link Firmware! TP-Link will use your previous configuration.

    Step 9. Improve Wireless Security
    • Click Interface Setup tab and then click Wireless
    • Scroll down until you find Multiple SSID Settings, change SSID Index to 2.
    • Change SSID: Riger1 to any string you like,
    • Then change encryption to WPA2-PSK and put any password you like.
    • Repeat until SSID Index: 4
    • This simply blocking from someone using your hidden wireless, because default DB120-WL allow other to join your wireless freely by simply enter "Riger1" or "Riger2" or "Riger3" SSID.

    This guide originally posted in LowYat Forum.


    if the route bricked after upgrading, how to fix?

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