Dec 31, 2014

A Yeast Infection Test That Can Be Performed At Home

How to Tell If You have Vaginal, Penile or Systemic Candidiasis

Primary yeast infection test methods in a clinical setting are either done using a microscope or a culture medium. The former involves getting a swab of the affected area and examining it under the microscope. Potassium hydroxide solution is used to stain the sample and isolate Candida cells - the fungus that causes yeast infection or Candidiasis.

In the culturing yeast infection test, a swab is rubbed on the skin of the infected individual and a culture medium is then used to develop yeast colonies. The swab is incubated to allow for the development of the colonies. The characteristics of the fungal colonies will give the attending physician or laboratory analyst an idea of what type of Candida specie is present on the skin of the patient.

Aside from these common clinical tests, there is also the so-called saliva home test. Upon waking up in the morning, spit on a glass of water. This should be done before you brush your teeth or eat breakfast. After 15 minutes, take a look at what happened to your saliva. If you have yeast infection, the water will turn cloudy or strings will be coming down from the saliva you spat on the water. If your saliva sank at the bottom after a few more minutes, that can also be a sign of fungal infection. A negative result is when your saliva stays at the top or the surface of the water and eventually disappears.

This simple test can give you an idea if you have Candida infection. However, this is an inconclusive test and getting diagnosed should still be a priority. Aside from these tests, watching out for symptoms can also help detect the infection at its early stage.

For vaginal Candidiasis, itching and soreness at the vulvar area are the most common signs. A burning feeling, particularly when urinating, can also signal the onset of yeast infection. If there is pain during intercourse and a white discharge which smells like bread is produced, then it is possible that a woman has Candida infection.

Male Candidiasis has almost the same symptoms as vaginal yeast infection; but for men, the penis head and the foreskin are the areas where symptoms usually appear. Men may also produce a white discharge, although this is quite rare.

A yeast infection test should be done to address the problem at the onset and to prevent it from developing into systemic Candidiasis. Most symptoms of Candida infection are similar to those of other skin conditions so it is best to get a professional opinion to make sure that you get treated early.


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