Dec 31, 2014

Natural Cures For A Penile Yeast Infection

Of course, there are over the counter solutions for treating a penile yeast infection such as Monistat 7 and for some people these solutions work, but not for all men. Quite often you will witness an improvement in the infection for a finite period of time then it will return with a vengeance.

Penis yeast infections can be very stubborn and troublesome.

What happens is this:

The yeast becomes resistant to the anti fungal treatment you are using so it becomes much more difficult to get rid of permanently. That's why it's always advantageous to treat this condition quickly and not leave it to develop before trying to cure it.

Here are some natural cures for a penile yeast infection that have anti fungal properties which you can use:

Probiotics - Empty the contents of the capsule or sachet onto the penile yeast infection. The live bacteria in the probiotic will then get to work killing the yeast infection. The same thing can also be achieved with unsweetened natural yogurt but with a higher ratio of the bacteria that kills the yeast.

Gentian Violet - This is a natural cure which is non toxic and can be effectively used on skin yeast infections. It can stain so be careful when using it.

Tea Tree Oil - This is a potent anti fungal which should not be applied neat and directly. Dilute the tea tree oil before application.

You could also try white vinegar in a bath or dilute it before any direct application. We have also read reports of men successfully using monistat with a small blob of white vinegar added to it.

During this time reduce the intake of sugar in your daily diet because this will just feed the penile yeast infection and make it harder to effectively treat. If the yeast infection does not clear up after a few days, try another natural method so it doesn't get used to one type of treatment over a long duration. By doing this you will also see what is working best for you.


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