Dec 31, 2014

Candida Die Off White Tongue To Be Yeast Related – Is It Right?

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My friend has an HMO and have to use certain doctors for her sickness. Her doctor is of no help, anyway. The past month she has been sick, first with ulcers in her throat, and now with symptoms on her lips and tongue. Her lips are red, tingly feeling, and very sore. Her tongue seems swollen and has almost like little tiny sores in spots (it is a little whitish, but not much). Her doctor says there has to be whitish stuff on her lips and tongue for it to be yeast related.

But she has read – even seen pictures on the web – where it is red not white. She finally got him to call in that one time pill for yeast infections and bought Acidolphilis from the health food store. It has only been one day, so she hasnt had any relieve as of yet. She was just wondering if anyone thought she was on the right track. She has been reading all the symptoms of Candida and just felt like why didnt she or her doctor picks up on this sooner, as there is so many similarities to her history.

For your information, you don’t have to have white stuff on the lips for the problem to be yeast related. Ulcers in the mouth/ throat are a symptom of Candida. I am not saying yours is or isn’t. But they are, nevertheless, symptoms of the horrible ‘invasion’. So is a swollen tongue, which makes you feel like you’ve just licked a bed of nettles with no doctor leaves nearby.

Somebody said earlier that often times, we are on our own, as far as our doctor’s advice/ encouragement/ knowledge about Candida is concerned. Read as much as you can about the illegal immigrants, and then read some more.

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