Dec 31, 2014

Why Decaffeinated Coffee Not Allowed for the Anti Yeast Diet

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My friend wants to know why even decaffeinated coffee is not allowed for the anti yeast diet. She has been having one cup in the morning and it is from the health store. She reads on one yeast site that it was ok to drink one cup of decaf per day if you really need it. Now, she is really confused as she didn’t know that decaf is not ok. She is having a very hard time giving up that first morning cup. She also wonders if coffee enema will be a bad thing to do, too.

I am not sure exactly why, but I know that decaf is considered worse than regular coffee, yeast or no yeast. But for me, it is best to give up gradually. Now, I no longer need the first cup in the morning, but I have one in the late afternoon when I am working. I get organic coffee (so there are no chemicals in it) and I sweeten it with Stevia. You could also try dandelion coffee as a substitute.

It contains mold and it is very acidic that it kills the good bacteria in your system. I think that decaf coffee is a no-no because it is very acidic, creating an environment in which yeast thrive.

On the other hand, coffee enemas are ok, as long as you use organic coffee and brew it correctly, which I found out I was doing wrong. When you use it as an enema, the caffeine does not enter your system, but goes directly to stimulating the liver to dump toxins. It also is a great stimulant for the intestines to clean out the junk that is built up.

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