Dec 18, 2014

How-To Diskless AoE – 05 Instaling a virtual machine in VirtualBox with WinAoE driver and CCBoot Client

Now we gonna change the focus, to prepare a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox to test our environment while we configuring the the Diskless Server.

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- So, first Install VirtualBox, and create a VirtualMachine to Install one Windows. We gonna choose now the Windows 7 ok ?

Task 1 – Install Windows 7 VirtualMachine.

You should have the .ISO DVD from your Windows to install with Virtual Box.

Specifications for Virtual Machine:  Standard, 1 or 512 mb memory, Disk 25 gb, etc.

Note: Create the disk with .VHD or .VMDK format with fixed size !

- Install WinAoE Driver

Task 1 - To driver be loaded we should disable the Integrity checks for sign certification of drivers.

( Note: Windows XP not need to use this two commands, the driver will install clearly, proceed… Task 3 )

In Windows open a cmd ( command prompt ) and type
C:\>bcdedit  -set  TESTSIGNING ON
C:\>bcdedit -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

Task 2 - reboot Windows ( mandatory )

Task 3 - Download the driver here, because this version is self signed :

Task 4 - Uncompress file into a folder

Task 5 - Go to Start Button -> Run –> type ‘hdwwiz.cpl’

Task 6 - Install driver fwith type Storage Adapter from aoe.inf

Task 7 – reboot Windows

Task 8  - Open ‘Device Manager and see is the AoE Driver is correctly runnig

Open a cmd ( command prompt ) and type command ‘aoe’ , type command ‘aoe scan’, the result must be ‘No AoE targets found’, your AoE Driver is working !

 - Install CCBoot Client

After install Windows, you should download the CCBoot Client ,install it and Run It to complete the installation on Virtual Machine with this settings. ( no mark options ).

Task 1- Click on “Install CCBoot Client” button to finish.  Power off the Virtual Machine.

Task 2 - Shutdown the Virtual Machine.

Proceed on How-To to Step 6


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