Dec 18, 2014

How-To Diskless AoE – 06 Installing and Configuring vBlade Target System

Now its time to install the Target AoE Server, we will use the vBlade ported to Windows to start.

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With this software we will export a aoe target (like e0.0) with the virtual disk file ( .VHD or .VMDK ) from the prepared Windows 7 that we installed on Virtual Box.

Important: To vblade work properly on your Server you should have WinPCAP installed already.

After download the installer

Task 1 – Install:


Task 1- Open the icon ‘Run vBlade’ on Program Group

Task 2 - on cmd window export your new .VHD or .VMDK Windows Virtual Machine to AoE Target !


First find the Device Name of your Network Card with bogus caracters (xxx).
c:\vblade.exe -b 65 0 0 xxx "d:\path_to_you_vhd\windows.vhd"

after copy and paste the \Device\{value}

c:\Program Files (x86)\vBlade\vblade.exe -b 65 0 0 "\Device\{value}" "d:\path_to_you_vhd\windows.vhd"

*- where \Device\{value} of your NIC !

Your target is e0.0 ( shelf 0 slot 0 , you can export many .vhd or .vmdk files to many diskless workstations )

ok, now you have your Target UP !

Tip: Control your vBlade’s Session with a nice Interface

Note: Make sure your Windows Firewall are disabled and your Anti-Virus Protection will not block the connections.

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