Dec 19, 2014

How-To Diskless AoE – 08 Editing with notepad++ the menu file ‘menu.lst’ of TFTP Root

Now its time to configure the Boot Menu of your Diskless Solution.

We already copy the necessary files to TFTP Root folder ( grldr, the new ipxe.iso and menu.lst) .

Open with Notepad++ the file ‘menu.lst‘.

Erase all the contents, copy and paste this code block above:

title === MENU BOOTS ===
title Windows 7 Diskless
map --mem (pd)/ipxe.iso (0xff)
map --hook
chainloader (0xff)

Now start, DHCP Server and TFTP Server and test the system with VirtualBox with a machine without disks.

Of course Boot from LAN:

Your menu will open:

Press <ENTER> and see the magic !

Select the respective option and go, your Windows Diskless will be booted.

Thats all ! Cya

To prepare a Real PC , go to Step 9


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