Dec 18, 2014

How-To Diskless AoE – 07 Rebuilding the file ipxe.iso with UltraISO

Now its time to create the POINTER to the AoE Target to automaticaly boot.

* – watch in HD on Youtube.

We are using the ipxe.iso with a little additions to do this.

You will need download the ipxe.isoUltraISO and Notepad++ Software to complete this task.

Task 1 – On UltraISO open the file ipxe.iso

Drag the file ISOLINUX.CFG to outside UltraISO window and edit this file with notepad++, put the last line with ‘INITRD conf.ipxe‘,  save and drag the file again into UltraISO. Overwrite YES.
# These default options can be changed in the geniso script
SAY iPXE ISO boot image
DEFAULT ipxe.lkrn
LABEL ipxe.lkrn
KERNEL ipxe.krn
INITRD conf.ipxe

Task 2 – With Notepad++ create the file  ’conf.ipxe‘  with content:
dhcp net0
set keep-san 1
sanboot aoe:e0.0

Important ! Save the file conf.ipxe with notepad++, and drag the file backing into UltraISO.

Your UltraISO looks like this:

Task 3 – Save another ISO

On UltraISO menu, go to ‘Save as’ and save ipxe.iso into your TFTP Root folder.

Now you have a ipxe.iso with aoe target address (ex. e0.0) to boot.

Its time to create a PXE Menu to boot your new ipxe.iso !

Proceed to the Step 8


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