Dec 31, 2014

Insidious Yeast Infection Symptoms In Men

Males have anatomies that are much different than a females besides the obvious, so when they begin to have yeast infection symptoms, men are not always sure what to attribute the symptoms to. The symptoms of candida may just be a small amount of burning upon urination. Or, there may be no symptoms whatsoever, but eventually the infection will affect his overall systemic health. Eventually if left untreated, men may end up with prostate cancer.

Often, men will be advised by their significant others to get checked because the infection has been passed on to them from their partner. It is important to be treated simultaneously with a partner because if only the male is treated, the female may reinfect him. In men, the urethra leads to the prostrate which is why it is so simple for the infection to basically swim up and toward the prostrate, which is why yeast infection symptoms in men are nonexistent and much more dangerous.

Things to be on the alert for to determine if they are yeast infection symptoms are, constipation or diarrhea, smelly breath, indigestion, flatulence, irritability, fatigue, prostate discomfort, and itchy or cracked skin. One test to do in the privacy of home, is to keep a glass of water on the bedside table. Upon awakening spitting a couple of times into the glass, then waiting to see if it dissipates or separates will determine an infection is present.

Often, it is the food eaten which may contribute to an infection or fungus, or it may be from a partner. Either way it must be treated immediately with an antifungal medication. To prevent yeast infection symptoms, it is wise to at least try the candida diet. This diet is an eating plan with the meals consisting of lean chicken, fresh vegetables and at least eight glasses of water daily. Food items to eliminate are all gluten containing foods, such as white rice, flour and soy. Dairy and canned fish in addition to artificial sweeteners should also be eliminated. It is important to rebuild the immune system and this treatment, in addition to an oral or topical antifungal, should bring a man back to robust health.


As a suppository therapy, it can be utilized by inserting inside the genitals a tampon dipped within unsweetened yogurt. Another house cure that can end up being inserted inside the genitals is garlic paste covered with cheesecloth. The site natural cure for candida is really awesome. Thanks for this nice article

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