Dec 31, 2014

Minimal Symptoms With A Male Yeast Infection

Yeast is not a bad thing, in fact it belongs in the intestines where it helps good bacteria, but sometimes things go awry and yeast gets into places it shouldn't, especially if those places on the body are warm, moist and hidden from light. This is when a male yeast infection may present itself, often with a telltale odor of aged cheese. Yeast infections in men are similar to that of jock itch except the incessant itching and burning are not as prevalent. Other times, there may be no signs an infection is present at all.

The first thing to remember when checking for a male yeast infection is, there are commonly either no symptoms present or very minimal ones. There may only be a slight burning upon urination but less obvious are constipation, irritability, fatigue, diarrhea, cracked or irritated skin, and overall moodiness. It is very important to be seen as soon as possible by a physician for treatment if a partner has conveyed they have an infection even if none of the above has presented itself. Remember that even without intimacy, a low immune system can contribute to a higher incidence of infection.

Treatment for a male yeast infection includes oral or topical antifungal medication which should be given to both partners to eliminate the chance of a reinfection. Because men have the type of anatomy that allows the candida or fungal to travel from the urethra to the prostate, in later years, the prostate can show symptoms of cancer or other problems which is why early treatment is so imperative.

Not only are there several changes a man can make in his life to prevent a male yeast infection, but certain medications can actually cure candida and other types of fungal diseases. After being diagnosed by a physician, and medication prescribed, overhauling the diet should be implemented. Eliminating foods such as dairy, canned fish, soy, trans fats, beer,and gluten containing foods, like wheat, white flour and rice along with artificial sweeteners, will help to boost the immune system back up to where it belongs. Adding in lean white chicken and fresh vegetables will maintain good health and assist in weight loss if needed as well.


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