Dec 31, 2014

Quality of the Juicer Affects Juice’s Quality

Last week, one friend of mine got all inspired by an article I post on having veggie juice regime as anti candida diet. This makes her juiced a whole bunch of local greens. When the juicing was done, she noticed that the juice had a gooey quality, which is kind of like mucus. She couldnt bring herself to drink it due the fact that it is best not to ingest mucus-forming foods and particularly, to fears of increasing constipation. She needs to know what component of greens makes them gooey and if these are greens best avoided.

As with most things, there are a lot of factors involved that influence the juice quality. One is the quality of the juicer used; the higher quality juicers provide higher quality juice. You may have a juicer that leaves a high amount of pulp in the juice which can make it thicker. Freshness and quality of the greens used. What greens you mixed together will make some difference also. Although I have mixed most together at one time or other, I have never had a gooey quality; only different colors.

I would ask what kind of greens you were juicing. But, if you don’t like the gooey quality, you can filter the juice through a screen to remove any remaining pulp. That is what I used to do. Ideally, the juice should be about the consistency of milk with no lumps. One last thing, though, it is not easy to endure being on this kind of diet if you cant stand on the vegetable taste.

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