Dec 31, 2014

Sore Throat As Sign of Candida

One of my friends suffers big-time from sore throat, ear infections, and dry throat, which one day she reads an article says they are signs of Candida overgrowth. She is really curious about this and wants to know how they learned that there is a connection between them. She also suffers occasionally from cyst-like things under the surface of her face, and she always has several scabby blemishes on her face. She also asked if it is possible to suffer from fungal-related sore throats without having any visible white patches or thrush of the mouth.

I have had candida for years and kept it under control always knowing it was there because I have some small white spots on my lips and a coated tongue. When I had the blow up so it went out of control, I would awake during the night with a very itchy throat which drove me mad and had a very bumpy (not spotty but underneath) and dry coarse bloated red face but didn’t connect them all together until I started on Threelac and the diet. Within a couple of days, the itchy throat stopped and the lumps and bloating started to go down. My tongue was also pinker since and less furry. You will know you are cured when that is completely clear. After 6 weeks, I look like human again, so I guessed there was a connection.

I don’t know if they can be fungal related, though. From a scientific point of view, I would say no. However, they are probably indirectly related to candidiasis. Systemic candida can lead to all kinds of allergy related problems (including sore throats as a result of dust allergy for example). A low immunity is also linked to people suffering from candidiasis. Therefore, it leaves the body more prone to catching mild viruses. As we all know, the first sign of going down with something is a sore throat, so regular sore throats can be a sign that our body is fighting off low level viruses.

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