Dec 31, 2014

Tongue Yeast Infection Treatment - How To Deal WIth Oral Candidiasis

Most tongue yeast infection treatment methods are similar to remedies used on other types of yeast infection or Candidiasis. However, if the infection occurs in the mouth, the dosage of treatment recommended might be lower than the average level since strong cures might cause a burning feeling in the mouth.

What is tongue yeast infection?

Yeast infection on the tongue is the same as oral Candidiasis or thrush. It is mostly caused by yeast fungi, particularly Candida albicans. Symptoms are not only felt by the tongue but can also manifest on the roof of the mouth and other areas. Thrush happens more often with infants or babies, although adults can also suffer from this infection.

Symptoms of oral yeast infection

A person with thrush will likely find white deposits on the mouth's mucosal membranes. Most of these curd-like materials are found on the tongue. The tongue can also get inflamed. Redness, soreness and a burning feeling are also symptoms of oral Candidiasis.

Although infants are the most common victims of thrush, adults who have weak immune systems, including diabetics, HIV-positive individuals and cancer patients, can also have this condition. People who are more susceptible than others to tongue yeast infection include smokers, those who wear dentures, people who use antibiotics and women who take birth control pills. Tongue piercings, although not a cause, can be an exacerbating factor of this oral infection.

Natural cures for mouth yeast infection

To relieve the discomfort caused by thrush, a person can rely on several homemade cures. Gargling with salted water is one way of eliminating the burning feeling. Using vinegar mixed with water as mouthwash can also help. Eating yogurt and applying garlic paste on the tongue and other affected areas of the mouth have also been found to be effective. Adults with oral thrush can also use gentian violet as a natural cure, although this is not recommended for use on infants since babies' tolerance is not as strong as that of adults.

For women who breastfeed, the remedy that they use on their infants' thrush should also be applied or swabbed on their breast to prevent the infection from recurring or from being transmitted. People who wear dentures should clean them thoroughly and must avoid wearing them to bed.

Tongue yeast infection treatment can be as simple as a home-made remedy. Salt, vinegar and garlic are usually found in the kitchen and will not cost a patient much. If symptoms continue despite using these simple remedies, a visit to a physician is definitely in order.


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