Mar 29, 2015

Recovering From Prostate Surgery

Many men suffer from prostate related problems and this number is increasing rapidly in all parts of the world. Not just the old men, the youngsters too are prone to prostate problems. The prostate surgeries are suggested by the doctors, after studying all the aspects related to the case such as the age of the patient, his current health issues and the previous health history. Surgery becomes imperative for treating prostate cancer, as there is always a threat of the cancer spreading to the other parts of the body. Now, let us talk about recovering from prostate surgery in detail.

Recovery From Prostate Surgery

In the case of a patient having undergone prostate cancer surgery, the time to be spent in the hospital depends largely on the nature of the surgery and the condition of his health after the surgery. In the surgery recovery, the catheter will be used for holding the urine of the patient till the track of urine becomes completely okay. You may be prescribed the pain-killer medicines for proper recovery from the surgical procedure. After the improvement in control of urine and the reduction in the problem of swelling, you will be advised by your doctors to do light exercises. These light exercises will improve the circulation of blood to all the parts of your body.

The recovery after the surgery will be faster if the patient follows the vital instructions such as refraining from lifting heavy objects for a few months, maintaining a good and healthy diet with fruits, fruit juices and drinking water in adequate quantities. Though there are many side effects such as bowel dysfunction, urinary dysfunction, pain, bleeding, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and infertility, this surgery has helped many people to lead a normal life by reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

Recovering From Laser Surgery

The recovery from laser prostate surgery may take seven to fifteen days. Your doctors will suggest you to take complete rest for a few days, once you are done with the surgery. You may not need a catheter for holding the urine for too long. The medicines which will be prescribed to you will include antibiotics and pain-killer medications, which should be taken as per the instructions. You should avoid doing any sort of heavy-duty activities such as running, weightlifting, playing sports or driving, as doing so can aggravate the situation. While recovering from this surgery, you might experience problems such as need for frequent urination, blood clotting, burning sensation with urination or blood in the urine. These signs should be reported to the doctor, to think of some preventive measures without wasting any time. You may also have to deal with high fever and general pain during the process of recovering from the surgery. You may also be advised not to indulge in sexual activity till your recovery is complete.

Recovery From Robotic Prostate Surgery

The recovery from robotic prostate surgery takes lesser time as compared to the other types of surgeries. Many people manage to walk even after a few hours after the surgery, while doing the regular daily activities is possible in a few days. The reason for this is, that the incisions which are made are very small and gas under pressure is used to restrict the bleeding to occur. You can get a discharge from the hospital in just one day after this procedure.

The number of people opting for the prostate surgery for enlarged prostate and prostate diseases is increasing rapidly. Apart from the surgery, cleanliness, and personal hygiene play an important role in maintaining the prostate health.


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