Mar 29, 2015

Side Effects of Prostate Surgery

There are many people who experience certain side effects after a prostate surgery, as per the reports of many doctors and health care institutions. Before we discuss these side effects, let us know exactly when should a person decide to have a prostate surgery.

When is the Right Time to Undergo Prostate Surgery?

The decision of whether to undergo prostate surgery or not can be quite difficult at times and you must consult and act as per your doctor's guidelines. There are countless men who face prostate problems in their life. The prostate problems occur more in men when they are aging. The enlargement of the prostate takes place steadily over the years and the symptoms of enlarged prostate gland are evident with this enlargement. The concepts of enlarged prostate and prostate cancer are different, and doctors do suggest the removal of prostate cancer by surgeries. In the case of an enlarged prostate, there are plenty of other options available to get rid of the problem instead of going for the surgery. Drug therapies and non surgical options are available for treating enlarged prostate. Thus, one should take the right decision about having a prostate surgery after considering all the aspects of the case which involve general health of the patient.

Side Effects

Urinary Dysfunction
Urinary dysfunction is one of the side effects which is basically caused due to the pain while urinating. This side effect is seen among many undergoing prostate surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is another major side effect experienced by many men. This occurs because the nerves which are present near the prostate get removed during the surgery. However, there are treatments available for treating erectile dysfunction.

Bowel Dysfunction
Apart from urinary dysfunction and erectile dysfunction, bowel dysfunction can be the result of a prostate surgery. This side effect is seen due to the damage caused to the rectum.

Pain and Bleeding
Suffering from pain and bleeding are very common side effects seen in many patients who undergo the surgery. In normal cases, the pain and bleeding disappears after a few weeks or in a few months. But, some alternative treatments may be required if the pain and bleeding does not stop.

Infertility can be one of the side effects of prostate surgery, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The reason why infertility is seen in some people is due to the removal of the seminal vesicles and also the removal of the prostate, which have a direct effect on the fertility. A lot of trauma might be experienced by many people undergoing the surgery, which may be one of the reason for the infertility.

Premature and Retrograde Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation which involves the release of the semen before a man climaxes, is also a side effect. However, in the case of retrograde ejaculation, instead of entering the urethra, the semen wrongly enters the bladder and finally mixes with the urine. The final exit of this semen is through the urine. This is considered as one of the rarest side effects in the medical circles, and is believed that it does not cause any harm. Both of these can be termed as the sexual side effects of prostate surgery.

The side effects of laser prostate surgery include frequent urination, infections of the urinary tract, loss of the control of the bladder and also the formation of the scar tissue in the urethra. The formation of these scar tissues in the urethra and also in the bladder cause blockages, which result into difficulties while urinating. On the contrary, the enlarged prostate surgery side effects include pain during urination, TURP syndrome, frequent urination, blood in the urine, narrowing of the bladder neck and facing problems with erection.

It's not necessary that the side effects mentioned in this article occur in all people undergoing the surgery. Positive attitude and maintaining a good lifestyle are the keys of maintaining good and sound health.


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