Aug 27, 2015

Any Router Should Work with Unifi ONU/BTU Modem

Method to use any router with unifi (IPTV-compatible) for ZTE ZXDSL 931Dll (VDSL Modem)

Actually this concept is the same with It’s for vdsl modem brand Huawei HG655a. But, my tutorial is for vdsl modem ZTE ZXDSL 931Dll.

Unifi Standard Installation

500 = vlan data (internet)
600 = vlan IPTV


1. I want to use DD-WRT in my Dlink DIR-615
2. Using DD-WRT, we can not use IPTV anymore.


1. Plug IPTV cable to ZTE ZXDSL 931Dll (VDSL Modem)
2. Put static IP and subnet in your PC
3. Plug the cable to LAN2 port of ZTE ZXDSL 931Dll
4. Open browser and go to

username: admin
password: hs5711Bbvl

5. Go to Network -> WAN -> Port Binding

Go to Bridge_PTM_500_0 at the dropdown list. Tick LAN4. Click submit.

6. Go to Network -> WAN -> VLAN Trunk

Choose LAN1 at the dropdown list.
Choose 2 or 0 for Supported VLAN number. Dont choose 600 for VLAN ID.

Choose 600 at the PVID dropdown list
Click Submit.

7. Go to Network -> WAN -> VLAN Trunk. You can choose method 7a or method 7b. I recommend you follow step 7a because it is easier and less work to do.

Method 7 a) Added this Method for those router that are not capable on VLAN-tagging.

Even though you have a VLAN tagging capable router, you do not have to tag your WAN port with VLAN if you use this method. This works for all routers including not-VLAN-tagging capable router like Streamyx router. Thank to the this blog. You just setup normal PPPoE in your router.

Choose LAN4 at the dropdown list.
Tick Enable VLAN Trunk
First Supported VLAN number, insert value 0.
For PVID, choose 500.
Click Submit.

Method 7 b)

This method is not working with the routers that does not have VLAN tagging capability. This only works for VLAN tagging capable router. You have to tag VLAN500 and setup PPPoE in your router. That’s why i cross it.

Choose LAN4 at the dropdown list.
Tick Enable VLAN Trunk
First Supported VLAN number, insert value 1.
For VLAN ID1, choose 500.
Click Submit.

8. Plug STB cable to LAN1 port of ZTE, After that Dlink DIR615 cable to LAN4 ZTE. After that reboot all the equipment.

After that, you can use any router with your unifi. If you want to use DD-WRT firmware you can follow this tutorial, _guide.php (Ignore VLAN tagging step if you use method 7a).

All images posted in this article and ideas are not mine it belongs to azim references found at the following sites.


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