Aug 27, 2015

Brush TM UniFi DIR-615 (D-Link) With DD-WRT Firmware

The TM provided DIR-615 (the orange router) with custom DD-WRT firmware. The primary goal of this guide will basically be to guide users who wish to flash their TM provided Unifi DIR-615 routers with dd-wrt. However, users who have spare dd-wrt flashed routers around will also be able to use the information here, to set up the VLAN tagging for the PPPoE connection that is required by Unifi.

Pros of using DD-WRT firmware
  • The router gets increased stability
  • Less lockups/crashes
  • Less connection drops (I'm looking at you, generic VPN protocol!)
  • Support for a larger amount of concurrent connections
  • The ability to increase your wifi signal strength (stock firmware has really weak wifi transmit power)
Cons of using DD-WRT firmware
  • Unifi home users (VIP5/10/20) lose IPTV access
  • You lose TM support for your Unifi service (it was pretty much non-existent in the first place!)
  • You probably void the warranty on the router
  • You might brick the router if you don't know what you're doing
  1. Before we begin, we would like to remind that we are not responsible, if you absolutely screwed up your UniFi router and are left with dial-up/Streamyx access for the next 3 weeks (or at least until TM decides it's time to pass you a new unit).
  2. This guide requires basic to advanced networking computer knowledge. Read through all the steps that listed down here and make sure you understand it. If you don't, get a friend who does to follow this guide and do it for you.
  1. Original TM DIR-615 G2 Firmware (Just for backup)
  2. Brainslayer's DD-WRT DIR-615 REV D factory webflash -
Must Comply these Requirements

a.) Router's firmware revision - This can found in the bottom of the router. (The D-Link DIR-615 Revision G2 runs on RT3052F@384 chipset which is same with Revision Dx, so using firmware from Dx version is possible)

b.) The firmware is supported - We can check this via dd-wrt router-database.

c.) Router's firmware revision


1.[ Set a static IP for your PC in the 192.168.0.x range with a subnet mask of (Example:
2.[ Connect a network cable from your computer's network interface card to the WAN PORT (not LAN port, WAN port) of your DIR-615 G1.

3.[ Turn off your DIR-615. The router is now in Emergency Room mode. (Hold down a pin to the RESET button of the router (at the back next to its power socket) and turn on the router while holding this RESET button down. If you did this properly, the power button on the router should now be orange and blinking continuously).
4.[ Open up Internet Explorer and head over to You should be able to see the Emergency Room interface. (Please use Internet Explorer as Firefox/Google Chrome can cause some weird issues with this particular web interface).
Emergency Roon After Reset The DIR-615 Router

5.[ Hit the Browse button and select the Brainslayer DIR-615 rev D webflash firmware (dlink-dir615d-factory-webflash.bin) that you downloaded earlier. Upload it to the router. (Upon a successful upload, you should be able to see a success confirmation message).

6.[ Let the router reboot by itself.
7.[ Once power light turns GREEN.. Unplug the network cable from the WAN port and plug into any LAN port on the DIR-615 router (Recommended, ports 1-3).
8.[ The routers IP should now be, so change your PC's LAN IP from to something in the range. (Example: with a subnet mask of
9.[ Go to and configure your router's security (password) settings.
10.[ Before you continue to setup your PPPoE link, please setup your wireless security. The wireless radio should be on by default and will be accepting connections.



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