Sep 1, 2015

Maxis-Fibre-Internet Technicolor TG784n Custom DNS Solved

Limited and Unable to Change or Customized DNS Server Set When Using Maxis-Fibre-Internet Broadband on Technicolor TG784n Residential Gateway VoIP Wireless Router.

  1. Have changed the DNS server sets from router's GUI but still unable to use custom DNS server sets for Maxis-Fibre-Internet Broadband Technicolor TG784n Router.
  2. This is because Maxis had hard coded or using their customized firmware for the router. Whatever changes you made for DNS server sets from GUI will not take effect.


You've to use telnet/command line to configure the router's DNS set.
Download any free Telnet client from Internet and connect to your gateway.
Popular clients are Putty and Microsoft default Telnet client.
Assuming your default router IP address is if you've never changed this.

1. telnet
2. Use "Administrator" for username. It's case sensitive.
3. For password, you've to refer to the access key sticker on your router.
4. Copy and paste the following texts into telnet client.

dns server config state=disabled
dhcp server config state=disabled
dhcp server lease flush
dhcp server pool config name=LAN_private primdns= secdns=
dhcp server config state=enabled
dns client flush
dns client dnsadd addr=

5. After this flush your local PC's DNS cache. In windows use ipconfig/flushdns or reboot your PC.
6. You will now be able to access websites blocked by MCMC/SKMM on your Maxis fibre broadband.

Note: Basic knowledge of PC IP addressing/ networking is required for these tasks.


Hi. did you get VOIP to work with this? My phone stopped working after this

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