Aug 27, 2015

HUAWEI HG655a Home Gateway

The HUAWEI HG655a Home Gateway (hereinafter referred to as HG655a) provide universal interfaces compatible with homogeneous products, such as an uplink VDSL/ADSL2+ interface, four FE interfaces, and two POTS interfaces.

As a standard Home Gateway device, the HG655a provides VDSL2 uplink and ADSL2+ uplink dual backup to access the broadband WAN. For the LAN, it also provides bundant interfaces such as Ethernet interface to connect various household terminals, such as PC, STB, and PHONE devices.


HG655a Standard UniFi Setup for VIP5/10/20

HG655a Default Maxis-Fiber-Internet Installation on high rise building such as Condominium.

HG655a Maxis-Fiber-Internet Installation with any custom router.

Configuration of Huawei HG655a as a Modem Router


HUAWEI HG655a Home Gateway Quick Start pdf

HUAWEI HG655a Home Gateway User Guide pdf


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