Aug 13, 2018

PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-04 Slowing After Bridge

I have been satisfied with my PLDT Fibehome internet fiber broadband connection for several months with my download speed of up to 1.2Mbits per second per download. I have no complain about my subscription plan because it is a just and fair with my monthly billing. When the PLDT Fiberhome Technical Team installed my fiber connection my ONU/ONT Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA came with older software version RP2610, the PLDT Manila NOC (Network Operation Center) advice me not to power off the 3in1 device for software updates to RP2616. Yes the AN5506-04-FA is a three in one equipment, it is an ONU/ONT bundled with digital Modem (Modulator De-modulator) similar to media converter likewise a Router for routing, and at same time a WAP (Wireless Access Point) with two Bands, one is 2.4GHz and the other is 5GHz frequency, also a four LAN port and two POTS ports for wired PCs and Telephone.

It has been long time ago that my PLDT Fiberhome internet fiber connection from the time being installed I got no worry about even though the web GUI (Graphical User Interface) has only limited settings,with the helps of those Gurus out the in I able to fully access and navigate the rest of the ONU/ONT web GUI Menu and settings. Early on the month of April the tricks to navigate the rest of the Menus and settings with admin username and password 1234 are unavaible already. After checking the software version, oh! RP2616 is no longer on the Status Device Information but rather an update being done now its RP2621 already. The and altering 1.xml to 2.xml will log you out and prompt you the return2login.html. In other words me and the rest of the Netizen who use the same agenda will now have to end the enjoyable downloading that we have on the previous tricks and settings.

So I make a call and dialed 171, I speak to the CSR and made a request for Bridge Mode of my lousy PLDT Fiberhome ONU/ONT AN5506-04-FA software version RP2621 hoping that from Routing Mode to Bridging will solved my problem. This is purchasing a new wireless router to served for my said purposes. One day after PLDT Technical guy calls up and talk to me and ask me what is my concerned, I said, I just need to be Bridge my ONU/ONT AN5506-04-FA I will just provide another wireless router for me needs.
He told me just to hang the phone for a while and after three (3) minutes he told me to unplug the power adaptor and plug again then power it up. Yes so quick, after he told me to verify if its already in the Bridge Mode and I said yes. I was so happy on that day that my PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA ONU/ONT is now on Bridge mode.

So finally my goal on Bridging the ONU/ONT is now done worry not because my new TP-Link WR841N can handle it, this kind of router is cheap with fair price and it is also a well know brand in data communication. So from that day I didn't check my speedtest if there is improvement or worst than before. A month have pass I notice it when I download files that my downstream now is on 50Kbits, I keep on downloading until I come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with my speed. Even for YouTube video streaming it took sometime to load the video to play. When I read on the other thread some Netizen also facing this kind problem after changing their ONU/ONT AN5506-04-FA from Router mode to Bridge mode the speed of the downstream get worsen that what they are to expected.

Reading upon research from other thread online about ONU/ONT and OLT, I came to the conclusion that on the side of Optical Network Unit or Optical Network Terminal it won't serve the purpose, you are limited and can be locked, on my observations all the supervision and management are on the side of the Optical Line Terminal (OLT). The OLT can restrict your upload and download, it has also the authority even to null your ONU/ONT LAN ports to a single PC only. Of course there is a remedy for this, remember there is no secured system made by human being there is always a way in that is why they won't stop and always keep on patching from time to time because they know its INSECURED.


Get the white Fiberhome ONU. The black one doesn't really play nice with Bridge Mode.

I am using the white PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA with four Antenna support 2.4GHz and 5GHz WLAN.

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