Aug 21, 2018

PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA RP2627

Today is not a surprise that once you open your PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA web GUI you have a lousy Menu settings on your ONU/ONT, the software version is updating upon upgrade are not stopping. As I open my ONU web GUI the version as I have expected will be updated again from my previous updated RP2616 now its RP2627. I login as an ordinary user account I can see nothing have change though the PLDT Engineering Team made this upgrade remotely. I usually try occasionally to login also the username adminpldt and password 6GFJdY4aAuUKJjdtSn7dC2x but not to expect that I can open this adminpldt account, because I know it always prompt me to the unavailable admin account.

When I saw my software version have change from my previous RP2616 to RP2627, I tried open the adminpldt account with the password mention above, oh Lo! It logs me in it didn't prompt me the unavailable admin account. I logout again and try to login with the same username and password. Yes it goes on and logs me in, are they forgetting something after they updates my ONU/ONT AN5506-04-FA or this is just a backlog?

As you can see on the screenshot above, its the PLDT Fiberhome AN550-04-FA web GUI status device information. I am still looking for this R:P2627 updates if what did the PLDT Engineering Team revised  inside this ONU/ONU firmware. I guess its nothing new, they just hide the parameter on the *.xml and the *.asp files so the Netizen like me have nothing to click on the pages of the PLDT Fiberhome ONU.

Here's the rest of the adminpldt account web GUI features and settings. If you take a look closely on this Menus nothing have been redo except those previous clickable apps are now mysteriously disable by default and no longer be enabled even how much clicks and apply you are going to do.

Firebug and Web Developer are still among the best css tool inspector if you want to investigate their dirty lefties program on this forbidden web pages. There is also a good way to totally penetrate this nullified access is using the Serial console, USB-to-TLL or UART microcontroller can also be use to get the access on the console port so cheap nowadays this device and can be purchase online for a few penny.

Yes this PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA ONU has a nice four pin header on the board right next to the SOC Integrated Circuit which is easily to be identified by just using a multi-metter to determined its TX and RX so you can see and read the logs. Going inside the console port you need a username ad password of course, but don't worry Wahun Fiberhome products such AN5506-XX-XXX default password can be found on the user manual just Google it. Once you are IN, then retrieving all the data inside can easily to be copied with the SCP if you do not want to mess with your USB pendrive.

On the shell your privileged  is you are the root so you can modify, read and write to any file or the filesystem, even erase it entirely so be careful before doing anything else you MUST backup the entire system in the case of disaster may occur you are safe, you may be able to upload the entire image back to the ONU, otherwise if you get BRICK you are good bye PLDT will not replace you AN5506-XX-XX.

The PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-XX-XXX is easy to be deBRICK there are bunch of way to reflash the firmware, unlike P1 CPE and HUAWEI. If you need help on your device ofcourse I can help you but I am not available at all times, I am also a busy person. I want to post on my next article by disecting this all Main Menu into their sub-Menus.


Mind it says unavailable.rp2627 an5506-04-fa gpon.

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