Aug 27, 2018

PLDT Fiberhome Super Admin Account

As I have mention on my previous post on how to make available the "Admin Account Unavailable" that there is no need anymore to alter the 1.xml and 2.xml for the PLDT Fibr ONU AN5506-XX-XX web GUI accessible via, gaining to the web page menu setting is either by using the PLDT Fiberhome Super Admin account default username and password or thru Serial console communication port. Yes, its more complicated on the console com port because it is a Command Line Interface (CLI) unlike the fiberhomesuperadmin you are on the Graphical User Interface once you login you can just click it, to enable or disable the "Web Admin Switch" that's how easy and user friendly interface it is.

All ONU/ONT products of Wahun Fiberhome Technologies are ship with three(3) credentials, these two(2) default username and password management account remain unchanged to where ever country and ISP it will be used, but the other Administrator account such as "adminpldt" username and the password is customized by the ISP like PLDT Fibr HOME brand. The ISP Products branded with “FiberHome” have been exported to over 90 countries and regions worldwide including the Philippines. If you can not find in you ISP country the expose admin account perhaps you can Google it you may find answer at 3BB, PTCL, VietTel or maybe in Brazil, use google translate the friendly and so helpful to provide the context interpretation into your desire languages.

I am providing a screenshot again to make it probe that the "Web Admin Switch" are existing on the Management menu once you are log in as the Fiberhome Super Admin account, the username as I have said will remain unchanged as "fiberhomesuperadmin" its small caps this is case sensitive while the password is also remain unchanged as by default. But then how to access the Fiberhome Super Admin account if you do not know the default password even you have already Google the user manual of your Fiberhome ONU AN5506-XX-XX, its in a pdf format. Answer, the Serial Communication console port is there available and very accessible, you can even wipe out the entire filesystem, backup your config, likewise the firmware you can even copy via winSCP without pains.

You can try BinWalk its a powerful tool for firmware you can unpack, repack, edit, read and write even modify the cfg and the web. So many free HEXeditor that you can be use for editing not to mention the rest. The architect of this Wahun Fiberhome ONU/ONT I salute so brilliant, if just take a closer look of the internal OS and filesystem of the AN5506-XX-XXX. Just imagined it has two boots and a twin filesystem in case the first get fails the other will automatically take over.


Sir sana mashare mo pano makuha yung details ng username password ng admin and super admin. hoping.

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PLDT admin password is 1234, adminpldt password is 6GFJdY4aAuUKJjdtSn7dC2x you have to point your web server at for Fiberhome Super Admin, username is fiberhomesuperadmin and the password is by default but encrypted.

Hi, so how i can log in into that superadmin account, which password i supposed to use, since non of that 2 is working?

what is the password of superadmin? if are able to login then it means you have successfully decrypted it.

You can still login with admin username and password 1234 but limited setting, for adminpldt username and password 6GFJdY4aAuUKJjdtSn7dC2x as long as the "Web Admin Switch" is Enable you can login if not then you will be prompted with "Admin Account Unavailable", For Fiberhome Super Admin Account, fiberhomesuperadmin username the password is encryted yo have to decrypt it. Alternative you have to access the Serial Comm port the console to be able to access the fiberhomesuperadmin likewise the adminpldt.

@Peter Damian Najaro
for adminpldt
ASCII Character -q+L Lm8 Q<5=P#)

Decimal 45 113 43 192 193 180 24 27 192 109 195 14 81 60 53 61 80 35 41 0 18
Hexa 2D 71 2B C0 C1 B4 18 1B C0 6D C3 0E 51 3C 35 3D 50 23 29 00 12

Password Plain Text 6GFJdY4aAuUKJjdtSn7dC2x

for admin
ASCII Character L U ]-Qy
Dec 76 15 85 19 93 22 81 121
Hex 4C 0F 55 13 5D 16 51 79
Password Plain text 1234

Permutation ?

Im sorry sir for being so noob. But where can i find the decrypted password for superadmin? Is it through serial com port?

Sinubukan ko ung pero nireredirect ako sa panu ko maaccess yung

any solution to stop redirect? is applicable only to PLDT Fiberhome ONU/ONT AN5506-04-FA, AN5506-04-F which I have tested on my hand, I verify for GLOBE and CONVERGE if working. For AN5506-04-FAT I am not sure I can not confirm it to I don't have it on my hand for testing. AN5506-01-A unsuccessful. You last resert is vis Serial Console

sir, what digit do i need to edit here sir?thanks

web_account_enabled 1/1 100

how to decrypt fibrhomesuperadmin password?-_-

Hii guys im Wrong Program and im here to tell you the supet admin of pldt home fibr.

Username : fiberhomesuperadmin
Password : sfuhgu

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sir, ano pong fiberhomesuperadmin password for ONU AN5506-04-F? hindi kasi gumagana sfuhgu. Thanks.

I have a Fiberhome AN5506-04 that I am testing (not connected to the Internet). I am able to log into the admin accout and have full access to the webserver GUI.

I've noticed that the router has two issues.

- First issue is that the DHCP Server won't give out IP addresses:

The router gives a message warning that the settings take effect after a reboot. I am rebooting the router after enabling the DHCP service via the "device reboot" in the "device management" tab in the GUI. Then using the C:\ipconfig /release /renew commands in a DOS box on my laptop to test. It's timing out and then giving me the usual message that "an error occurred while renewing,......unable to contact your DHCP server....."

- Second issue is that when I power the router down using the power button at the back, it loses all the settings in the config and reverts back to default factory settings.

I can't find anything wrong with the router other than the above issues and it seems to work fine. I've set a static IP on the laptop and I am accessing the GUI via ethernet cable connected to the LAN1 port on the router. I could also access the GIU via wifi.

I am also able to telnet into the router and use the CLI to configure it. There is also a console connection on the router's mainboard that is available should working via console cable be required.

If anyone has any suggestions for me to help solve this issue please let me know.

nagwork sakin ung kay Akihiro!! nays may full adminpldt privilege na ko hahahaha


As per experiment to the Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA is concerned on PLDT ONU the ultimate config settings is subject and obtain from the PLDT Fiberhome ONT once it is connected to their network/system. Unfortunately you can not get 100% hope from the PLDT CSR, my first suggestion to you is try to hard reset, then soft reset via cli not in the user config but in the debug config. If it will not solve you problem then I might suggest to reupload your firmware if you have done backing it before. If you do not have I can send you the firmware of the An5506-04-FA.


I was able to access the web admin page using these credentials:

Username : fiberhomesuperadmin
Password : sfuhgu

Not sure if pldt rolled out an update because i can no longer use these login. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

I was able to access the web admin page using these credentials too:

Username : fiberhomesuperadmin
Password : sfuhgu

I'm not sure what happened but, kaninang 2am, biglang nawalan ng internet connection ung sa 5G band, 2G nalang meron connection, di ko alam nangyari, so tinry ko access ung fiberhomesuperadmin para macheck ko sa adminpldt na account baka naka off nnmn ung 5G, kaso ayun wala di ko malogin ung fiberhomesuperadmin, wrong username or password lagi.

biglang nalang tlaga, ilang beses ko na nireset today pero wala talaga.

Hi, when I reboot the AN5506-04-FA PR-2627, using power button at the back,or from GUI it loses SSID name and password on 2.4 network leaving it blank, after enter SSID and password i need to press apply then 2.4 is becoming visible again, always happen after rebooting , experience that since 2 days already, any idea guys ?

Can I request for the RP2627 firmware?

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