Aug 25, 2018

PLDT Fibr AN5506-04-FA Debug

This is another episode of PLDT Fibr AN5506-04-FA ONU/ONT, today I would like to introduce to you the Debugging environment of Wahun Fiberhome AN5506-XX-XXX also applicable to this product series. What we have here upon digging into the inside of the terminal we got so many interesting stuff that we can exerciser on the command line interface, those guys who are fun of graphical interface they don't love this taste. How to get into this text envy you can login via telnet or thru the serial console.

If you want to access this terminal on telnet first thing you have to do is you must enable the "telnet switch" on the web GUI by using the FiberhomeSuperAdmin account username and default password. The other method is via console communication port. The above screenshot is the available command when you press the (?) question mark sign, or in other words its a help symbol.

On this second captured screen is another way on how to enlist all the function command for debugging the ONU/ONT Fiberhome AN5506-XX-XXX series. So much interesting text command we can try to execute here but be careful the rest of these debuggers you might be able to paralyze your all in one equipment. If you do not have the spare Optical Network Unit beside you do not desire typing those listed command you because you will interrupt your internet fiber broadband connection. There is another command line interface of this AN5506 series device which if more friendly and is safe to execute the listed commands, its the user config command line interface. Here you can also manipulate your desired config settings, you can find the startup-config and the running-config it most likely identical to CISCO IOS command line interface.

On this section is more likely for calibration purposes only and only those PLDT network engineers has more capacity to understand this category of work. If you are noob like me  take precautions on hitting those enumerated debug command.


You can now access the shell console by typing "shell" in debug mode by telnet.

Nice work around this pseudo modem... what creditentials are you using when connecting to telnet ? my AN5506-04-F is under RP2622 firmware, and there's no anymore, but the telnet is already activated... did you also saw the command injection through ping diagnostic ?

How can I recover my PPOE password. I can acess to router with telnet. I try to backup my router config. But it show "Failed Read sys file from flash". I try to use "config\wan# get wan 0 pppoe user and password". But it show username but password show with ******. Pls help me.

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