Jun 14, 2019

PLDT Fiberhome ONU AN5506-04-FA RP2627 Update Failed

Just last month  I have been reading at kbeflo's gist.github again so many Netizen shouting about their PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA/T ONU being remotely updated by the country's Giant Telco ISP. It was me who first disclosed on this blog the PLDT "fiberhomesuperadmin " account privilege to access the PLDT Fibr ONU Super Admin and later on TipidPC.com who gave the password sfuhgu that everybody's enjoyed the tweaking and manipulating of their own ONU device. Now the sadness and sorrow came again to all the PLDT Fibr Subscriber because of the so called firmware updates from RP2627 to RP2631 that gives another headache, I know for Shifu out there like you it won't be as hard for you to locate the script even without any use of web developer tools but to a newbie like me will be painful looking for the code.

I have been enjoying my PLDT Fiberhome ONU AN5506-04-FA RP2627 without any patches and still intact until today 6pm my little Princess complaining that her mini iPad is not working anymore until I notice that the internet connection was interrupted. There was no signs that the red LEDs turns ON on the PLDT ONU until I login and see to it if the WAN connection really went down. On the Status Main Menu my PLDT ONU AN5506-04-FA is still intact and NOT being updated to RP2631 but when I check on my BroadBand settings, my ONU WAN Type is now being change from INTERNET to TR069_INTERNET. On my ONU VLANID is still the same as it is 1030 and the priority is still 0 but what happen to my WAN connection type from Route mode is no longer possible to scroll it to Bridge mode. What the F*ck, go and eat your PLDT Fiberhome ONU device. Yeah you are right! now you glued it on the Web User Interface, do you think that I won't be possible on the CLI and what about the web developer tools it can be unhide, PITY on your Graphical Interface.

This is another disaster to the PLDT Fibr Subscriber who owns this kind of ONU Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA/T, on kbeflo's at gist.github thread someone is already asking for RP2627 firmware I don't know if they will be able to upload the firmware onto the ONU device if they have it on their hand. On this Blog someone also commented and ask me the RP2627 firmware, I can upload it to them I have the list of the AN5506-04-FA frimware from RP2610 to RP2627. I have written on this Blog that best and easy way to backup the AN5506-04-FA firmware on Windows machine is via winSCP you can just click and drag the files.

I will leave it as it is today until the PLDT Engineering Technical Team done their patches and firmware updates remotely to all the PLDT Fiberhome ONU devices, soon to follow the post on how to undo the PLDT Fiberhome ONU AN5506-04-FA/T from RP2631 to RP2627 again. I know its hurts really when you are really inlove to your ONU device firmware RP2627 and suddenly someone just took it away without any prior notice. If possible I will write a tutorial on how to update the AN5506-04-FA/T frimware from RP2627 to RP2631 or vice versa from RP2631 to RP2627.


sana po maka gawa kau ng tut

Thank you for all the effort you put in.

I want discovery auth password, is possible?

the other wifi access points I have is disabled by pldt. it broadcasts an id but has no internet access


PLDT Fibr ONU firmware have bugs their software engineering team is in capable of fixing it.

@pakitong when will you give out the firmwares?

@pakitong i have a way to change tr069_internet back to internet

Dear Pakitong,
Thanks a lot for the great topics at your site. I do live in Thailand and have the same router/modem (FiberHome AN5506-04-FA). After reading the tutorials for updating I will be afraid to mess things up, because I'm not confident enough to do this myself. It's a shame that Internet providers won't give any support to update it just the easy way.
Another problem which I don't understand is these 2 USB ports, where it should be possible to connect a HDD or tumbdrive to play for example music on your smartphone on your own home network. Whatever I try, it simply doesn't work, and there is no one who is able to explain to me how I can make an appropriate connection. I realy do hope you will have some information for me.
Mr. Dutchie

Is there anyone out there who has experiences with this router and able to use the USB ports? ? ? I'm curious..........

Yes the two (2)USB port are working you can plug any USB flash drive or any USB HDD, there is SAMBA and DLNA for music and FTP server if you wish to save your date/file from LAN or WAN. But its disable by default by the ISP, you can enable it when you login with the Administrator account. I believe you Fiberhome ONU and our here in the Philippines are just the same because we use the same product. furthermore you can find on forum and blogs about the Fiberhome ONU if you wish to do so.

there is no need to upload the firmware someone already give the link for the firmware, you can upload it via USB or via WinSCP.

Thank you very much for your reply. For over a year I try to get it working, but unfortunately with any support. Your feedback is highly appreciated!
- I was able to enable FTP server in my router menu, but I couldn't find anything in the Fiberhome ONU menu like "Samba" or "DLNA".
- I plugged in my USB flash drive (FAT 32) in USB port 1 (USB port 2 doesn't respond). The led light on the router went on, but I am still not able to make it visible on my home network. Despite your wonderful site and precious time, could you please give me more details about the steps I have to make? I just would like to play music files on my Oppo Rs9 Pro (Android Nougat 7.1) but it doesn't recognize the flash drive on my home network.
Best regards,
Mr. Dutchie


Here in the Philippines our ISP PLDT is using Fiberhome device ONU such as AN5506-04-FA/T and AN5506-04-F for the FTTX and the firmware is customized by Fiberhome Company as per request by the PLDT ISP. The firmware variation such as username and password may also vary per firmware updates including the WiFi pass key. For example the first batch of AN5506-04-FA/T and AN5506-04-F the admin username is "admin" whereas the password is "1234", for the Administrator account "adminpldt" is the username and "1234567890" is the password whereas the SuperAdmin is "fiberhomesuperadmin" such password is "sfuhgu" this is for the GUI. But for the telnet and serial console is "gpon" for the username and password. Time after time our ISP here are updating our ONU's firmware so the admin ordinary user, Adminitrator and SuperAdmin will also change too, to prevent the subscriber from accessing the ONU's. I mention the above ahead because if you wish to enable the SAMBA,DLNA, FTP server, USB, on the GUI you can see it but it won't activate the settings because as per firmware update the ISP are limiting and restricting the subscriber to access their own ONU's as here in our case in the Philippines our ISP is doing. If you would like to activate those apps aforementioned above you have to login via telnet or serial console, on CLI you may have the full control to activate it via Command Line Interface.

Can i set up the ''onu an5506-04-FA'' in connetion type brigde?

Yes, it is possible. via web GUI and like wise via CLI.

Hi, Im trying to set my ONU to bridge mode. Service Type is currently set as TR069_Internet and Connection Settings is Grayed out. When i try to change Service Type into Any of the other choices. A pop up comes up saying "PLEASE MAKE SURE THERE IS ON TR069 WAN LINKS." Any tips? Much Appreciated

You have to hard reset it not soft reset in order for you to enable that setting.

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