Nov 16, 2019

PLDT CGNAT Forcibly Implemented To Subscribers

My Dynamic Public IP address has been for years since I migrate to the Giant Telco in the Philippines, I have been enjoying the services on hosting my Web Server, FTP, and some other stuff like IP camera alike to the public network without additional cost to my net bill. It was there for so long with the free DDNS from Duck it helps me a lot locating my online stuffs. This week a few days back all my services to the internet are all stop and no longer working. I was not well inform by my ISP that this PLDT is combating the IPv4 and has no plans to comply to the IPv6 as a major ISP in this country. 

I rush to Google and check my public IP address has not been changed as it was the usual address that I am using. But wait a minute I have to login to my AN5506-04-FA Fiberhome ONU to see if there is some changes on my settings. Yes the Holy Ghost, CGNAT is already implemented on my area, I call 171 and talk to the CSR, the person whom I have the conversation is giving me some hope that my Dynamic Public IP address will be restore in 24 to 48 hours. Guess what the next following day I give a call again to 171 the next person who pick my call doesn't knows anything about what I am talking it we last about an hour on the phone he keeps me on waiting listening to the PLDT IVRS advertisement until the call drops. 

The third day I made the call that hoping an Angel will rescue my Dynamic Public IP address and will be return as do I wish to be, I was hopeless, the girl on the other end of the telephone said I am sorry we do not have that capacity to do so, we are limited to the access only the second level can do that, you have to inquire it to the products and services (meaning you have to pay now for additional cost for that dynamic public IP address) if you really wanted to have it.

So the intention of my Giant ISP for IPv4 is not only for the conservation of the IP's but also in addition that can sum up for their annual revenue if you wish to have a public IP addresses. The CGNAT will do a favor to the PLDT. So whether you are a subscriber of PLDT Home Fibr, PLDTDSLBiz you are now subject to CGNAT. If you wish to have a Public IP Addresses you have to avail it as addons on their "Product and Services". As of the moment in time I still have no solution on how to regain my Dynamic Public IP address for my online services to stay up again. If you have something to share about CGNAT do not hesitate to comment below and post it.


Does this mean that that I can no longer access my router via DDNS? Correct me if I am wrong, I am not really an expert on networking like but I know some basic.

You said it right... absolutely YES, you will NEVER able to access your router via DDNS.

Ouch! Accessing the adminpldt seems a bit useless now. How about the portforwarding I can't figure it out as well. If you find any workaround, please post it here in your comment section.

portforwarding is useless also, because you are inside CGNAT

^ thats why i never decided to switch to converge but right now pldt is switching also to cgnat smh what the ****

you can still have the PUBLIC IP address but you have to avail it,meaning you must pay for additional services upon your request to have the Public IP address.

Is it possible to bypass this CGNAT if naka bridge ang PLDT router?

BRIDGE or OFF BRIDGE ONU is still possible to bypass the CGNAT. I have tested on my Fiberhome ONU AN5506-04-XX I can be on, & it's not on the ONU its perhaps on the OLT.

I am not yet at your level Sir though I am studying networking, looking forward to reach your level of expertise. What do you mean by that? Can I still bypass CGNAT but cannot access it via DDNS? Will VPN bypass it? If it's additional service that we need to pay if needed, can you give me the link?

what I meant is that if you have services in your lab at home like FTP Server, WEB Server, IP Camera or alike that is dependent on Dynamic Public IP address pointing it via DynamicDNS this CGNAT is useless. Port forwarding is useless too. VPN is different, it uses tunneling similar to TOR. Now PLDT is asking you to pay for additional cost of that previous FREE Public Dynamic IP address. I have tried and tested on my ONU that I can still get Public IP addresses as what I have mention above but its for temporarily only, I have no solution yet to make it permanent.

How to pay for additional dynamic IP sir?.

Use a desktop server with remote server ex.teamviewer, you can access every file you have and services. I am doing that.

wohooo CGNAT Bypassed! tang nang PLDT na yan..walang abiso...internet cafe owner here...40ms google ping tapos slow to know browse...pumuti mata namin sa kakahintay maayos...kaya pala di naayos kasi yun na pala services ngayon ng PLDT...wag na wag na kayong pakabit ng PLDT...mga gahaman sa Pera

*slow to no browse..ayaw ma edit GG

Call 171 then product and services they will the CSR will tell you how much you will add for the addons.

TeamViewer is applicable only for remote services, not for web server, ftp, or other that is dependent on Public IP address.

CGNAT will slower your connection, your ping will always have a timeout for sure.

sorry to tell you that we have now very consistent ping of 43ms from google, and slow to now browse gone...try naming e romove ang technique browse agad kahit consistent ang ping of 43ms from google...iwan ko ani epekto cgnat sa inyo..basta dito sa amin...consistent ping but no browse...babalik yung ayaw maka pasok sa online games...pero kung maka pasok na sa online games..smooth gaming naman kahit no browse..wierd...

May solution na ako jan sa CGNAT, permanent UN-CGNAT na ako balik na ako sa Dynamic Public IP addresses. Talagang wierd ang CGNAt na yan,nka ilan tawag din ako sa 171 higit sang buwan ang tawag ko at yung CSR wala magawa kasi sa second level na daw yun at wala sila short you need to pay addition service sa UN-CGNAT. grabe talaga itong PLDT.

boss pa tut naman technique mo

boss pa bulong naman ng technic mo dyan.. same tayo slow to no browse

Sir pano nyo na-un-CGNAT yan? I have this problem for 2 months now. Pasig area. Tnx

Ganyan din naging problem ko. Nagtaka ako isang araw di ko ma access server ko. pag type ko ng whatismyip nakikita ko na public ip naman. pero pag check ko sa onu iba ang ip. Tumawag din ako at sakit ng ulo dahil di alam ng csr nila ang pinagsasabi ko. Nagpunta pa ako business office at di rin alam. kinuha lang ang number ko tapos after few days tinawagan ako. Sabi sa akin pwede daw mag request ng dynamic public ip kaya nag request ako kaso wala rin nangyari. Ngayon NGROK nalang gamit ko para ma access ang server ko.

baka makatulong

sir pano po na UN-CGNAT mo? may dagdag bayad? tumawag lang ka sa 171? need help too... still using ngrok here pero its a pain :{

just email me if you need badly the uncgnat

Boss pa tut po pano kupo kayo ma contact sa gmail. badly need kopo uncnat po.

Paano po mag tanggal ng cgnat? Or paano din po mag request ng pubilc ip sa pldt?

Patulong naman po pano ma uncgnat willing to pay email nyo po ako

Boss pa email nlang po pa uncnat po badly need kopo kasi.

guys e2 solution ko sa CNAT nayan para sa portforward yan guide.

Boss badly needed un-cgnat,
Please help,

sir pakitong ..saan email mo ? badly needed un-cgnat ..thanks

Pa email po sir pakitong kung anong kailangan para ma un-cgnat

Pa email po sir pakitong kung anong kailangan para ma un-cgnat sa PLDT salamat

Na fix na ba cgnat nyo? Pa email nlng din po

boss @Pakitong, pa-send naman ng tutorial nyo pano i-bypass ang CGNAT, although GLobe ako baka gumana naman, willing to pay boss.

boss @Pakitong, pa-send naman ng tutorial nyo pano i-bypass ang CGNAT, although GLobe ako baka gumana naman, willing to pay boss. eto email ko

Am using PLDT fibr (ONU AN5506-04-FA / firmware RP2646). How do I un-cgnat? I need to open ports for OpenVPN and host webserver/reverse-proxy. Please help.

boss @pakitong papaturo naman po sana kong ma un-cgnat pldtfiber q. email q po is

@pakitong boss paturo naman po ma UNCGNAT pldthomefiber q. po.salamat po.

Pabulong nman opo email ko is

Boss badly needed un-cgnat,
Please help,

Hello po Sir Pakitong, I am using now RP2646, nag update na naman ang PLDT. TInanggal na nila ang "get web admin", set web admin" command sa TelNet. May way pa ba na mabalik yan using Telnet din? may work around ba tayo? I need to un-cgnat as well. please send PLSSSSSSSS,...

Hello Sir, baka pwedeng pahingi ng guide para ma-bypass ang CGNAT ng PLDT. Salamat po.

boss pakitong pa send nman ng tuts how to un cgnat badly needed po..

sir pakitong pa share naman po ng procedure to UN-CGNAT.

Boss pa share naman un cgnat. Rhanks

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