Dec 18, 2019

PLDT Home Fibr UN-CGNAT Finally Solved

Today I finally solved the PLDT Home Fibr CGNAT to UN-CGNAT it and say goodbye to the updates, so welcome back to my Dynamic Public IP addresses.


Wow! Can you dedicate a full article on how to do it? If not can you send us the step by step guide?

please share with us?

para sa mga TuTs at guide parang alanganin pa ako sa ngayon mga bai...

Pahinge po tut please need it rn. :) tnx

Sir pano nyo na-un-CGNAT yan? I have the same problem for about 2 months now. Tnx

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Any article on this please?

any update on this sir? Badly need it for my port forwarding.

just email me if your badly need it.

Sir Pakitong, di po nagana ung email icon dito, ano po ung email add nyo? Need this UNCGNAT. Thanks.


Boss nag PM napo ako sa FB account nyu po please badly need ko talaga UCNAT.

Bos pa email po ako. willing to pay po pra ma uncgnat po..please sobrang abala gnawa ni pldt :(


Boss pa email nlang po pano pa UNCNAT please badly need.

guys e2 solution ko sa CNAT nayan para sa portforward yan guide.

Hi Sir Pakitong! pa email naman din po ako about CGNAT prob. Thanks in advance! Hindi ko po kasi alam email nyo e. :)

Sir pa e-mail

Sir, pasend po tutorial. Kailangang kailangan lang. Salamat!

Sir @pakitong badly needed poh pa email din po thanks.. more power po..

Sir hoping you can share it to me also. on how to UNCGNAT my modem.

Sir, paturo naman.

Sir need help to UNCGNAT PLDT Fibr. thanks

sir pa email naman po ng un cgnat. thanks po ng marami

Hello po sir, need lang po mag un-cgnat. tagal na po akong nag hahanap pano.

Sir good day .... Needed badly sir the Tut .. Please send to my email ( )... Thank you in advance sir

I solve this by transitioning to ipv6 :)

sir please help me uncgnat

@kerpz pano mo ginawa sir?

pa share nyan sir

sir pa share para mawala cgnat ko ,, ito po email ko ,,
unta matabangan ko nimu sir

pa send po skn sir salamat thanks god bless po.

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