Feb 22, 2020

SkyCable Fiberhome ONU AN5506-04-D

Another episode of Fiberhome ONU/ONT from SkyCable a semi Giant cable TV provider in the Philippines who are now integrating  its CATV to a starter ISP. Interestingly I stumble upon to its FTTH devices the ONUs are left expose to the internet and with the default username and password.

I was looking for a Converge ONU hoping to find one for experimentation, instead what I get an ONT of SkyCable AN5506-04-D. This optic residential gateway it just identical to AN5506-04-F only with telephone port. Going to the graphical user interface its not customize firmware but rather a factory default. Have a look of the few screenshots.

If you are eager to to see the CLI inside, you can use Putty for easy navigation the username and password is just default and never unchanged. I suggest that the Tech guy on the SkyCable NOC should take action of their network devices someone can just exploit it if not taken action.


Waiting for the username and password :) thanks.

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