May 14, 2020

TP-Link WR886N Chinese Third Party Firmware

Here we go after we done moding the FLASH and RAM its time for us to Brush it with the third party firmware. This device WR886N version 3.0 is supported by OpenWrt, SuperWrt, DD-Wrt and Gargoyle Linux opensource firmware. What we need is a USB cheap 25Q FLASH programmer and USB to TTL for the serial console. Next is decide to which boot loader you want to be accustom with.

The first boot loader utility is BREED aka  Boot and Recovery Environment for Embedded Devices is a close source boot loader by hackpascal, its in Simplified Chinese language just use Google translate to let you understand their script. You can download it on Google filename breed-tp9343.bin.

The second boot loader is also a BREED but modified version of the Simplified Chinese language its in English version. Download on the Giant Search engine filename u-boot_tp9343.bin.

The third boot loader is from TP-Link WR940N version 3.0 stock firmware stripped u-boot, filename is u-boot_tp-link_wr940nv3.bin.

The first brushing I did is with the TP-Link stock firmware WR940N version 3.x is also identical to WR941ND version 6.x such SoC. RAM and FLASH. Likewise WR940N version 4.x and 5.x too.

This is TP-Link stock firmware version 4.x if you want to know more about the internal web graphical user interface just visit for the respective wireless router emulator.

Brushing with third party firmware such as OpenWrt is straight forward since you can just upload via web interface if the wireless router is in the TP-Link stock firmware, TFTP is another method on brushing the firmware its usually use for device recovery from bricked devices.

I have more favor on OpenWrt third party firmware because of its plenty packages for the wireless router. Successfully also tested on LEDE both WR940N and WR941ND. On the Chinese forum someone mention that the WR886N ver3.0 can be flashed with TP-Link WR940N version 5.x, ow true is it?

This is TP-Link new web graphical user interface that added some features like Access Point only, Repeater or Range Extender, and WISP unlike the old version this addition function is not supported except for WDS and Wireless router only. The said added features were only exclusive for the TP-Link WA series device not on WR and WDR. The firmware option brushing may depends on the users, what I like on OpenWrt firmware is SoC TP9343 can be fully enhanced to 26dBm or 398mW of power.

If you know other third party Linux firmware that I did not mention let me know I want to brush it with your firmware that you have tried.


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