May 14, 2020

TP-Link WR886N Chinese Version 3 Mod RAM FLASH

First we have to open the clam shell type casing of the TP-Link WR886N chinese version 3.0 it has only two small screw found at the back of the device. Unscrew it, use plastic or metal knife to open the rounded clam upper cover.

Things needed basic electronics skill, hot air gun for desoldering the RAM and the FLASH. I used portable hot air gun in my case, for FLASH at least 400 to 450 C so I can lift it with the tweezers while 500 to 550 C for the RAM.

An old RAM of my Laptop PC3200 with eight chips memory module by 64MB to substitute the TP-Link WR886N 16MB memory.

Let just swap the RAM of the memory module to the router, putting back the memory to the router is sweating it will takes time aligning it and most of the time the memory pins don't sits properly need to clean the pad and the pins before heating it back onto the circuit board.

Once it done the FLASH and the RAM are on its place, testing and power ups so we can proceed to Brushing the third party firmware.


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