Aug 23, 2018

PLDT Fibr AN5506 Admin Account Unavailable

It is really frustrating every time you want to do something like tuning up your ONU/ONT for the sake of your network security, gaining access to your home wireless access point, or even worst if someone can just step into your AN5506-XX-XXX without your knowing and install malicious backdoor onto it. There are so many silent *bots out there hanging around for lease and the most often victims are those residential gateway like us who owns this kind of lousy PLDT Fibr ONU/ONT equipment.

What even worst is when you are limited to access your own device supplied by your Internet Service Provider like PLDT who is monopolizing every inch of this so called Internet of Things. I am one of you who also face the same problem who's Optical Network Unit is being lock down  by Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company every time I open my web GUI I stuck on "Admin Account Unavailable".F8ck!

"You are prohibited to open the rest of the menus and settings of your own ONU/ONT because you have zero knowledge". Imagined that you have to beg for "adminpldt username and password account" for you to safeguard your entity, what the heck?  Just recently, now you must have to sign for a waiver if you want to have the admipldt account privilege otherwise when you get BRICK your PLDT Fiberhome AN5506-XX-XXX you have to pay for the replacement even if this ONU/ONT can just be reflashed by inserting a USB pendrive on its USB ports for firmware recovery. DAMN!

Try to make a call 171 to get help and your call get acknowledge after 35 minutes, yes thirty five minutes your ears will be swollen listening to the Interactive Voice Response System of my beloved PLDT. You will then be given a Ticket, for how long your issue will be solve? you have to wait until the Technical Engineering team can solve it. You still have an option is either to hire a Shifu from Symbianize or a Guru at GitHub. If you can find these two people on the said forum then you have to do it by yourself, dug into Google the biggest library on the globe hoping you can find hint for your problem.

After digging for about four months I just found some clues, I realize that there is no need to alter the 1.xml to 2.xml for you to get the adminpldt full access to navigate all the Menus and Settings. Its only the PLDT Fiberhome Super Admin account have the right key to make the adminpldt account available.

The PLDT FiberhomeSuperAdmin account can do this job, on the Management Menu you find this if you have login as fiberhomesuperadmin username at http://192.168/1/1/fh. Imagined they can just remotely switch the adminpldt account either to enable or disable it at any time any where they want it via web GUI or thru Telnet. There is more on this Menu Setting you can also find the OMCI Debug Switch and Telnet Switch if you desire to activate it or deactivate it. They can leave it for sometime open or give you an access for only three(3) days as they have given permission to those who are Netizens in GitHub forum.

If the PLDT Network Engineering Team will read this post surely they will inform their superior to immediately a mass patch this mole found on Wahun Fiberhome AN5506-XX-XXX products. This will be another headache to the PLDT concerning gaining access to the Fiberhome ONU/ONT device. Don't worry even though you can not have the privilege of FiberhomeSuperAdmin account to gain the full access setting of the web GUI, the Serial port is waiting for you its more than the privilege of fiberhomesuperadmin.

Disclaimer, this is not a tutorial this is provided as it is. I wish to have more time to write up more about PLDT FiberhomeSuperAdmin account. The Telnet Switch and the OMCI Debug Switch.


any way to use the user "fiberhomesuperadmin"
badly needed to use adminpldt account :3
Also thanks sa info.

the username "fiberhomesuperadmin" is just the same as adminpldt you have to point your web browser to ,FiberhomeSurerAdmin is higher privilege than adminpldt account.

What's the password for 'fiberhomesuperadmin'?

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fiberhomesuperadmin password is encrypted and need to be decrypted.

Sir , where i can get that password ?

San kukunin yung password? Pano idedecrypt?

NTC should do something about this.

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