Mar 5, 2020

Fiberhome HG6245D PLDTs Ultimate Solution

Early this year of January 2020 I was really eager to have the PLDT Fiberhome HG6245D ONT on hand for my mini Lab as part of my Toys collection aside from the AN5506-04-XXX series devices. Luckily its first week of March and was able to hand over me this shiny dual band Optical Network Unit. It is most likely identical to AN5506-04-FA equipment with two USB ports and two POTS ports.

For the specs of HG6245D will talk about it on the other post, I want to say more now on the other issues that this ONU/ONT of PLDT will most like favors the GIANT Telco and will ease the headache from those malicious subscribers who are prone from exploiting their residential gateways (RG). There are many things on this ONU have been really restricted, such the get web access username adminpldt password is now being omittedfrom ths CLI. 

This ONT device have four (4) LAN ports as well like the AN5506-04 series to my surprise even if the LAN 2,3&4 are being tick you won't get any internet access on it. Oh men this is not the least, I will write more on this, the sad news about this ONU/ONT device you will NOT be able to migrate it to another OLT of the PLDT Fiberhome unless someone will activate its MAC and SN.

To be continue .....


even if the LAN 2,3&4 are being tick you won't get any internet access on it. any news about it ? i also enable ftp and plug an usb hdd but how to access it ?

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sir may idea kayo anu sira pag power LED light nalang ang nailaw?

Na fix nyo po ba yong about sa led light? same problem kasi

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