May 14, 2020

TP-Link WR886N Chinese V3 Specs

A week before went to online store and look for a second hand wireless router that I can make used of for OpenWrt plus VPN addons or similar cheap router that support it. So here I found a used  TP-Link WR886N Chinese version 3.0 it looks like the device is good and very cheap and the specs is near to average for consumer.

Less than ten days the parcel arrived, a postmen came to deliver to the house and paid for the COD.
I ordered two pieces for me the price is reasonable it only cost 354.00 Php each while the shipping is 100 Php for the two devices.

Looking at the physical appearance it has three 5dBi flat circuit omni directional antenna, fronting single system/power  LED.

At the rear face are the power input jack it has no ON/OFF switch, pin hole RESET button, single WAN port 100Mbps and four 100Mbps LAN ports.

The FLASH is 25Q16 series this mean that the chips is 16M-bit Serial Flash or in other words its only a 2Mbytes of flash storage.

The RAM is from Zentel its A3S28D40JTP-50, further specs of the memory its a 128M Double Data Rate Synchronous DRAM. It has only a capacity of 16MB of RAM.

The TP-Link WR886N Chinese version 3.0 is equip with Qualcomm Atheros TP9343-AL3A from Taiwan. The SoC has 750 Mhz processor of speed.

The internal circuitry of the TP-Link WR886N Chinese version 3.0 seems to be have many clones but different name model.  According to Wikidevi which now Deviwiki this wireless router device known similar are TP-LINK TL-WA901ND v4.x and v5.x, TL-WR882N v1.x, TL-WR886N v1.x, TL-WR940N v3.x/v4.x/v5.x, WR941ND v6.x and TL-WR941HP v1.x.

The mention above TP-Link wireless routers are identical to WR886N version 3.0  same SoC but some others vary on RAM and FLASH have more such 4MB and 32MB. For this device it will not qualify to Brush it with third party firmware wireless router such as  OpenWrt, SuperWrt, DD-Wrt or Gargoyle. The remedy for this device WR886N ver3.0 is to modify the RAM and FLASH to make it fully functional third party opensource wireless router firmware.


Looking for Tp-link Support call on 1800987893 , visit on: Tp link modem how to set up

Looking for Tp-link Support call on 1800987893 , visit on:
Tp-link Australia
TP-link Support

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