Feb 17, 2013

Globe Broadband Huawei BM622i admin Password

How to login on Globe Broadband 4G WiMAX CPE Huawei BM622i latest updated firmware 2011 or the so called V100R001PHLC08B025. First open up any of your favorite browser, on the address bar type which is the default web graphical interface (gui) IP address of the Huawei BM622i device.

Before you can login to admin account/privilege you must be login using user account,  Username is user and the Password is 0SlO051O. To clarify the password it is Zero(0) - Captial(s) - small(L) - Capital(o) - Zero(0) - Five(5) - One(1) - Capital(o). You can check this previous post on how to login on Globe Broadband 4G WiMAX Huawei Bm622i using default username and password.

Once you are able to login using user account with the default username and password, look for WAN MAC address an example is on screenshot above F4:C7:14:6B:F3:D1. Copy the twelve (12) digit hexadecimal WAN MAC address except/remove the semi-colon e.g. F4C7146BF3D1, now open your Huawei wififree.exe password generator paste the twelve (12) digit hexadecimal WAN MAC address e.g. F4C7146BF3D1 then click generate the result will be your admin password.

Here's the link on how to generate 4G WiMAX Huawei devices password using Huawei WiMAX password generator.


how come there is a advance button in the admin page????

how come there is a advance button in the admin page????

I need some help Sir! ito po na encounter ko regarding this post po. bakit di po ma detect ng cmd ung telnet ko naopen ko nmn n po ungpang update ng firmware nya. can u pls help me po sk nga po pl I can't login po ang username is user and ang password po is 0SlO051O. pls help nmn po jan

try to login by using with the username and password user if you can not login with the first option try this second option with username user and password 0SlO051O I am sure you can login now, check you firmware package date version so that I can help you.

I can login nmn po using username user and password using user! hows to login nmn po using admin

san po pang 2011 na password?

meron aku sir bm622 dated 2011 na need po ng admin password .. salamat po sa reply

i have V100R001PHLC08B030 version here. can you help me with this

san tau maka kuha ng genarator ng wimax pang password. . ,

Ask ko lng po alam nxo po ba ang secuirty key ng prolink router

@ Joel de los santos : yes yun ang gamit ng Globe xDSL modem wireless broadband sa landline. post ko sayo kung kelangan mo ang username and password.

V100R001PHLC08B029 ung sa akin. pa help din po

@ Lourde Harold Sibayan :

eto link sana makaka tulong yan bro sayo.

sir.. paniu po malalaman ung admin pass. ng 2011 bm622i ko po..

TANING LANG PO MGA SIR.. anu po nag user name at pass, ng 2011 bm622i ko.. plss pohh..

how will i know if its a 2010 or 2011 modem?

@ jayy bravo :

how will i know if its a 2010 or 2011 modem?

### login ka sa gui makita mo yan ang package date, 2009,2010 or 2011.

bakit error po ung password na nagenerate sa V100R001PHLC08B030 software version na bm622i ko? would really appreciate if i could have my admin password....please help me....thank you in advance...

using that SW (wimax tool)pero di ako makapasok as admin. any advice sir?

@ Ceasar Salinas :


@ bukotoy :

Bro ano model at version ng device mo? kung version 2011 ang username user at ang password 0SlO051O kung ver2010 user lng ang username at password tapos gamit ng password generator anjan sa link naka attached.

Not working for me... 2011-04-24 yung package date, I got the WAN MAC and the password generated, pero password error ang sabi.

I have the BM622i model, not the old one.. here's a screenshot of my login screen..


sir, pahelp po.. nadisconnect ko po yung sa akin.. pending status na po sya ngayon kaya wala akong internet connection. lalo din naging unstable yung signal. ngrun ako ng TELNET, may sinundan kasi akong instruction
eto po yun
Set cloner = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WScript.Sleep 500

WScript.Sleep 2000

WScript.Sleep 3000

WScript.Sleep 2000

cloner.SendKeys"xiugai macdizhi 04:C0:6F:02:A5:44"
WScript.Sleep 3000

cloner.SendKeys"diag reboot "
WScript.Sleep 3000

after ko irun yan, yung browser ko CANNIT FOUND SERVER na.. please help po..

sir, pm me please kasi wala na kong connection bigla.. napalitan ko po yung WAN MAC ko kaso yung connecting status nya is CONNECTING and under WAN tab nakalagay sa status PENDING
need your help po.. pm me 09168815010.. thanks

san makabili ng wimax na internet unli?

@denskie :

PM mo na lng itong # 09358849421 Bro

sir pa email nman ung wimax password generator, meron bang admin password ung bm622i 2012 na unit? everthjaireparrocha@yahoo.com salamat, baguhan po ako d2, salamat ulit

what is SIP userID and password?

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